Strategies football betting: underrated teams and betting on them

Strategy football betting: underrated teams and betting on them

For experienced fans of betting on football knows that teams like real Madrid, Bayern or Barcelona win very often. If you want to make money, constantly betting on these teams – you get nothing. The fact that bookmakers typically overestimate the power of favorites, if you look at the odds before the matches. For example, you won 6-7 matches in a row, betting on the favorite, but then came the first setback. With high probability it will cover all your previous successes.

For successful betting it is necessary to act on the strategy, which will focus on the game against clear favorites. Such bets carefully, because the winning streak of favorites can sometimes be up to tens of games. For example, if you only bet against real Madrid, the consequences can be sad.

Bookmakers used to overestimate the chances of the favorites, with no real reason. The hype in the media around these commands. In connection with this quotes to win these clubs is unreasonably underestimated. If you take into consideration, for example, Italian “Milan”, the bookmakers regularly inflate the odds on their victory. On the eve of each season, the bookmakers expect that Milan will fight for the title in Serie A, but in fact for several seasons in a row the team gets in the championship of Italy. Therefore, betting on rivals Milan, you can make serious cash.

The popularity of a team are easy to identify – you can even look at the number of queries in search engines or thematic groups in social networks. If the opponent has risen from a lower division in the highest, and is based in a small town, the fans in such a club may not be much. In this situation, bookmakers underestimate such a team, exposing solid ratios.

If you want to bet on the victory of a competitive Premier League club, you probably will remain in the red. If you regularly bet on Zenit or CSKA, the loss to happen at the end of the season a lot more than in the case of bets on “Mordovia” or “Amkar”. Bookmakers put up a margin to still remain in the win. The probability of success increases when examine undervalued teams against favorites. An outsider, coming to peak form, taking into account the factor of support of fans at home, can beat a recognized leader. Therefore, the form of the teams need to be monitored closely. The long season is impossible to pass in one breath – there are UPS and downs. Need to have some capital, and be prepared for the fact that some events will be lost.


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