Statistics interfere with Football betting

Football statistics make it difficult to bet

Футбольная статистика мешает делать ставкиWhat is a football statistic? This specific information data about the performance of a particular football team: how much was missing and scored as playing home and away, are the results shown in the last period, etc. to Do a competent pre-match analysis is not so simple as it might seem at first glance to the inexperienced bettors.

A large number of bettors bet on sports without much thought. But such rates are more like a lottery. If such players win, their joy has no limits. However, luck can not last permanently. The money not earned with sweat and blood, so to make money on betting this way does not work. The other part of betterof on luck is not willing to be hoped, therefore, uses statistics. The vast majority of cases, the study of the football statistics from betterof implies only a view places in the standings rivals and their latest results. Such a cursory analysis cannot give positive results.

To the analysis of the game need to pay attention to many factors. Before you bet, it is necessary to carry out the analysis in a few steps:

1. As this season both teams are.

2. How the opponents play at home arena and away.

3. What is the number of goals the team score, home and away.

4. Perhaps some of the teams planned in the near future the match against a more important opponent, which in the upcoming fight on the field will not appear the players base.

5. It was not in the last few days some of the teams challenging games, for example, match in the European Cup because the players were exhausted and not be able to demonstrate their best qualities.

6. Find out things within the team: there are problems with funding, possible resignation of the coaching staff, the players are in one piece or fulfill a contract.

7. How do you feel key team players to their game decline.

8. How many players can not participate in the match due to injury or disqualification.

9. Statistics of personal meetings. It is likely that one of the clubs could be uncomfortable opponents for another, or the last few games in a row they finished with the same score.

10. The motivation of the opponents in the game. For example, the favourite will be posted in the match if all their goals for the season already decided.

This is just the basic factors that can influence the outcome of football matches. But even the dozens of factors requires no small cost in time. If some players argue that the statistics only confuses, so they failed to deal with it, so conflicting opinions appear, on which you do not want to pay attention.


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