Sports analyst on sports betting in BC Pari-match

Sports analyst on sports betting in BC Pari-match

Held in late August, the fighting forced the betting experts to carry out the final line with the bets and to introduce players to the latest information about developments not only in fights between Joshua Klitschko and Mayweather – McGregor, and on the websites of betting bookmakers.

The players were more interesting match with participation of the Ukrainian boxer Klitschko, although this is quite understandable, as all the post-Soviet space have relied on it and in the end, the margin was 28%, which, of course, not so much, but not so little in monetary terms.

The average number of bets taken on mobile phones far exceeds the number of stationary points of the bookmaker Pari-match with the official website of the BC. But it was the most minimal rates, particularly in Boxing to fight Mayweather – McGregor, the average rate was either 5 or 24 US dollar, which generally did the trick for the players. Although, statistics show the most generous players come in fixed betting, but benefit only those who use the website, perhaps this is the part of capper, which uses all available information obtained from free sports picks.

Considering all sports betting is done in 2017 the biggest interest, of course, enjoyed the match “Juventus – real Madrid”, is the Champions League final. Also, today was interesting the first quarterfinal match of the same tournament between “Juventus and Barcelona,” but after a major defeat the interest of sleep. The third demand was the final match of the Europa League, where victory, as expected, went to the British, and the fans perhaps it is because of this and have made their first bets in the sport. In General, the five most exciting sporting events have included a Boxing match Mayweather – McGregor, where victory after declaring a technical knockout got Moviethere. And completes the TOP 5 with the bets most interesting match of last season’s Champions League “real Madrid – Bayern Munich” until the second game was dominated by uncertainty, but all the players saw interesting football, where victory went to the strongest.

If we consider not a football sporting event, then the selected bookmaker, the leading places are occupied by the above two of a Boxing match. They were the most popular this year, followed by hockey. Here in the place of five is the sixth NHL game between American hockey teams “Pittsburgh – Nashville”. But one line above is the game of the ice hockey World Championship between Canada and Sweden. Well, the three most popular games, completing the game in the KHL, which points to the inextricable link with the Russian betting market. The match of the playoffs “SKA – Dynamo Moscow” just oblige players to bets.

It is worth noting that the “fight of the century” can be called a meeting of Mayweather – McGregor and fight Joshua Klitschko, which of course the winner, obviously, was not the same athlete on whom to bet, and why the profit of BK was 60% less than in the match with participation of the Ukrainian boxer. In any case, Klitschko draws its talent, in fact it was made 25% more bets before the match than on another popular Boxing match.

Bq Pari-match is still the most popular company betting in Russia but also in Europe, do not lose the leadership position, that is, may soon become a direct competitor even among the most elite bookmakers.


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