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Snooker, as we know, a kind of Billiards. Most common in the UK, apparently, so the British are in it now and dominate. Snooker show on television: broadcast almost all of the snooker tournaments can be seen live on the channels Eurosport and Eurosport 2. Naturally, their attention has not bypassed this sport and the bookmakers.

Line analysis of BC revealed that, as a rule, the chances of players winning are set by the bookies based on statistics of personal meetings. Only personal meetings. I think it’s wrong, but it is. Yes, the statistics of personal meetings sometimes justified, but in General no direct relationship. Thus, 1-th output line BK on snooker did not accurately reflect the real probability.

As we noted in the current world snooker players in the top thirty roughly equal in strength. This suggests a simple but effective strategy: put on factors more than 2.5, and is almost guaranteed to be in the black. Almost guaranteed – because you have to know a few “chips”.

Undoubtedly, the most charismatic and popular snookered the first decade of the XXI century, three – time world champion Ronnie O’sullivan. His talent is really phenomenal, but… it seems to me, is cold to snooker. He has already expressed that just wants to hang out with the family, besides his basic salary is advertising and private business. If you follow his game in recent matches, I have a feeling that he’s not thinking about winning, but wants to quickly finish the match, playing so carelessly and without concentration. As a result, Ronnie now plays almost everything, and in one of the first rounds of tournaments (often simply in the first round). Given that the coefficients on rivals O Sullivan noticeably higher than 2 is a reasonable conclusion No. 2: put vs Ronnie O’sullivan (as an option: put in catching up to his defeat).

Even recommendations based on numerous observations:

  • Matthew Stevens is a very unstable player in the first rounds of tournaments.
  • John Higgins – often plays its matches on the over (quite often in matches with its participation happen “contravia” party).
  • Highly stable players (which in most cases you can expect that they will be at least 2 rounds of the tournament): Shaun Murphy, mark Selby, John Higgins.
  • Promising players (who have a rating, most likely, this year will increase): Joe cope, Ding Junhui.

Live bets

Live betting on snooker can be just as profitable. Snooker is an extremely dynamic sport in terms of changes in prices. Very often the fate of the frame, and then the party is decided in a single busy/missed the ball! In General, it will count.

Outset: in live betting on the snooker only on the outcomes of frames, not the party. Snooker is difficult to predict. So you want to wager on the outcome of the whole match – put up game and enjoy watching the stream (if You have the opportunity). Otherwise, faced with the fact that the beginning and the course of the match almost all depends on the players.

So, what, where, when and how?

Input conditions: you have a video stream of the match on TV, loaded with Your favorite sites, BC host live on snooker. Personally I like 2 domestic BC: Marathon and Betsiti. Everything else is desirable to have in the Arsenal of a minimum knowledge of the rules of snooker and the ability to assess a position on the table, though, if You have a good commentator (for example, Vladimir Sinitsyn, live now on Eurosport, more than good), it is not necessary.

Describe 2 situations in which it is better to make a profit.

A very important point: the robbery – the initial strike in a frame. If the robbery is done correctly, the opponent is smashing, as a rule, has no opportunity to attack. But if the attack he found and was going to do, then it means that it is necessary to rely on it. In any case, we strongly do not risk: don’t score the odds will remain the same, and will score, most likely, will lead a series of further, and this means that the coefficients will change very much (there were times when kefi has varied from 1.85/on 1,85 1,20/4,00 – after one-shot!). It is important not to miss this przebywaj moment. So, put after a failed robbery.

The next point for a good bet looking for, when one of the players has the advantage on points, is currently at the table and leads the series. Advantage in points in the range of 20…60 on the table should be a number of points to win the frame by the second player. So, we expect a time when leading a series, the player makes a mistake in the form of inaccurate exit to the next world. Inaccurate way out – the chance that the next ball he was mistaken. If you make a mistake and the position is open (good for large batch), the coefficients and the odds of winning in a frame is greatly changed. I don’t think I need to explain how and in what direction.

So place immediately after the inaccurate output of the player 1, on the victory in the frame of the player 2. It is very desirable to do very quickly, because quotes can change in a matter of seconds even.

The following situation says the opposite, when it is better not to bet. Closed position is a difficult position to score. It appears when all or most of the red balls are in awkward positions (close to the sides, away from the holes, and/or merged into one group so that one stroke to play them). In the closed position it is necessary to take as a benchmark the current account of points. If the sum of points on the table is only slightly more difference between the players (for example, account now 56:0, and on the table – 65 points), the frame will be the first player with catastrophically high probability.

Another sign of the statistics: if a player is walking out of a snooker, more than three times in a row got the penalty, that player most often (about 75% of cases) and loses the rest of the frame and the entire match.

Bet on snooker – employment is a complex but very exciting. You can not only get pleasure from watching games of your favorite players but make good money, knowing the above secrets.

Where to bet on snooker

As snooker is a game first of all English gentlemen, and the best choice of bets offer English bookmakers, so first of all I want to recommend bet365, though there is no Russian, but also in many other offices, betting on snooker is also present.

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