Scanners forks – the software of search of arbitrage opportunities

Scanners forks – a program for finding arbitrage situations at bookmakers

If the player has the opportunity to put across the outcomes, it will benefit whatever the outcome of the competition. This situation is called a fork.

Consider this example:

Have a tennis match. In two BC, of different assessments of the chances of the players.

In one office, to win the first tennis player give of 2.02, and the second 1.95. Other BC sets to win the first of 1.91, and that they will win the second -2,04. So, if you make the same bets on the first player at the first branch and the second second, that whatever the outcome of the competition, your balance will be positive.

Surprisingly, such situations are not uncommon. However, it is necessary to spend a lot of time in search of such rates. Therefore, in order to make life easier for the player who used to play in accordance with such forks designed specialized services. They look at various BC, and selected fork and other opportunities to arbitrage transactions that allows the player to gain advantage over the bookmakers….read more>>


A list of reliable Internet services to search for forks

Surebet (

This portal defines the plugs, the rates of perevozok and corridors. Surebet scans 8 Russian and foreign BC. On the main page of the website placed a large number of plugs with a yield of half a percent. To get access to more interesting ideas, you must register and purchase a special service. All services implemented 3 tariff:

  • “Free” – you can work with rates with advantage;
  • “Professional” – you can work with forks and stakes with the odds. After finding the plug, the player receives a notification e-mail. Cost – $ 30/ month or 10 a week.
  • “Professional +” added access to all identified corridors. The cost is 11 $ / week, or 33 per month.

After 5 minutes, observe the actualization of information, but occasionally there are failures and “hangs”.


AllBestBets (

Recently a portal that gives you the opportunity to put on the plugs and corridors. The website provides the ability to compare odds from different BC.

Access to plugs with a yield of 1 per cent free. You can pay a one-day test mode and test how the service works. Many different tariffs. Deposits can be made in many ways.


This rapidly growing web portal that requires no special software. Works with any browser. Implemented a number of filters, which can take any fork. Line BK is updated every minute. Seen fifty different firms, whose number is constantly growing. There is a support function. Payment through cash services. You can buy a one-day test rate.

Search Forks (

To get started with the service, you need to install the program.

This is a 3 days trial version, gives the opportunity to play on the forks with a 3-percentage yield. If you want to continuously work on this service, which looks at 49 BC, it is necessary to pay $ 16.

Feedback on the tools is quite critical, but the findings should be made only after independent work with the portal.

Bet Linker (

Currently, this scanner scans 85 BC. To be able to access the data requires special software that is updated every 5-10 seconds.

A well-implemented filters that make it easy to understand a lot of competitions, and to choose for games need bookmakers.

On the website there are three fare for games:

  • Lite – free, choice of forks with a yield of 1 percent.
  • Pro – costs 2 thousand rubles / month, and allows you to work with forks with a yield above 1% since the negative 3% plugs and 10% negative corridors.
  • Ultra – 2,5 thousand rubles / month. Convenient filters that enable you to save time.

There’s also a forum where you can address emerging issues.

Scan-Sport (

The service works mostly with Russian BC, there are about 30 pieces. To work with forks , with a yield above percent. You need to pay 3 dollars for 1 month access. Every seven minutes the information on the portal updated.

The service is not new, but has flaws. Advantage – low cost.

InfoBet (

The scanner collects and processes information from BC about various sports, but they believe that they are better, it turns out to work with the football events. There is a possibility to compare quotes and view their movement. Events that you can apply for arbitration appear in 10 minutes.


Positivebet (

This service monitors plug in BC. On the list of events displays all the possible arbitrage of the competition, but all the information will be visible only to players who have subscription. Others can only see the plugs, which can bring an income of 1 percent. To update information automatically, AK, and forcibly, though every second.

All mentioned services can save a lot of time actively playing and earn income automatically.

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