“Rise” — the strategy of betting on football matches

“Rise” strategy of betting on football matches

Almost all beginners the first few bets in bookmakers are doing at random, but quickly realize that you need to use strategy. The choice of the right strategy can take a lot of effort and time. In most cases, only the players with experience make a profit playing by the strategy because they are by trial and error learned how to analyze and select events. However, even the use of strategy have not protected the majority of betterof lose.

Any novice in the details of the complex strategies does not want to delve into, and dreams of a reliable and simple system of the game. Betting strategy for football with the promising title “Rise” is one of those. The essence of the strategy is that the bettor is betting that the teams will not score a goal in the first 15 minutes of the match. If you look at the statistics, the account is opened in most football games after 20 minutes. You’ve probably already guessed that the chance of winning for this bet is large enough. Of course, the odds for such a bet is not large, and depending on the match ranges from 1.20 to 1.50.

Strategy, at first glance, very simple, but to implement this technique, it is necessary to observe some rules. As soon as you need to put aside football games where there are obvious underdogs and favorites. With likely favourite in the opening minutes to put pressure on the outsider, trying in the opening stages of the match to secure a comfortable score, and, not infrequently succeed they do. But such games should pay attention, as the matches are approximately equal on forces teams or those that have protection.

For betting on no goals in the opening 15 minutes of the game, we have to abandon matches of national teams, Junior tournaments, Cup games and lower leagues. In these matches to predict the nature of the game and the teams harder, so the results are often unpredictable. Don’t bet on real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern, Juventus and other favorites, if you are going to use the strategy of “Rise”. Such teams have the best strikers in the world, which can in the first minutes to score a goal. It is important to see statistics of your opponents. The first is to see which time periods the teams score and concede. More than 5% from their Bank should not be put.


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