Removal and penalty time in hockey matches: predictions, strategy, systematization rates

Removal and penalty time in hockey matches: predictions, strategy, systematization rates

Удаления и штрафное время в хоккейных матчах: прогнозы, стратегия, систематизация ставокHockey is one of those sports where when you play at the bookmaker, the bettor may choose in the line of events a lot of offers. Newcomers to betting on hockey prefer to bet on outcomes of matches, while more experienced players choose not so obvious markets. Among people who are well-versed in hockey, bets on the penalty time popular. Perhaps at first glance, this kind of betting is exotic, but with the right approach he can earn a decent amount. But without an analysis of the key nuances to bet on penalties in hockey is quite dangerous.

If you are going to bet on penalties, long term, you need to have some knowledge. Of course, one or two times you may initially get lucky, but without studying the statistics count on a steady income is not worth it. Most bookmakers have sections with statistics that we need to explore. First and foremost, pay attention to the average amount of time that players spend in the penalty box. The fact that almost all of the hockey teams there are performers whose job it is to act rudely, for which they are often removed from the ice.

In addition to betting sites, this information may be available on simple hockey and sports websites. Depending on the received data, comparing the two teams, you need to make predictions. Great attention also should be paid to the judges that serve your chosen match. Referees – it is also real people, so they can be soft or flawless, ruthless or principal.

Rates to delete in hockey can become even more profitable if you predict events in real time. If you are watching matches live, I would be able during the game to understand the importance and nature of the match, the behavior of individual players and their attitude. Special attention deserve the Derby and crucial matches. Such games are configured especially. Regardless of the opponents, both teams in such meetings are marked by obstinacy, which often leads to fights and deletions. With the broadcast of the games now no problem. Matches of the KHL and the NHL are broadcast on cable TV, and less popular leagues are broadcast on the websites of the bookmakers.


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