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Betting via mobile phone

How to start betting from your mobile phone?

Technology does not stand still and literally every hour the bookies are trying to make betting on sporting events feel comfortable and convenient for its customers. And one of the areas through which bets you can make anywhere became mobile betting – the ability to use the full potential of sports betting using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or even a regular cell phone.

But how to start betting with the mobile phone user who has never done this? It does not need any special skills or knowledge, everything can be done in minutes!

How does it work?

To bet with a portable device (tablet, smartphone, or phone) can be in one of three ways:

1. Go from cell phone to desktop version of the website of the bookmaker. This option seems the easiest, but not all devices will work correctly all of the services office, which may lead to some inconvenience and even impossibility to make a bet at the right time.

2. To use the mobile version of the site. Almost all self-respecting domestic and foreign bookmakers have already got simplified analogues of its resources on the worldwide web, which is tailored for tablets and phones. Such “mini-sites” pretty quickly and can use all the features of the resource you are accessing from a regular computer.

To use this method, it is enough to click on the tab labeled “Mobile” (or “Mobile version”), which will lead you to specially designed for mobile phones resource. And look and work it will be almost the same as the main site of BK.

3. To install a special mobile application. Under the most popular operating systems that can be installed in your smartphone or tablet, most bookmakers create separate programs. No matter whether your device “Android”, iOS, or Windows Mobile, all the leading BC in the world wide web will be applications for it. And the option of betting will allow you to place bets quickly and conveniently.

To install bookmaker will offer you at the entrance to the site from a mobile device or on a special page of your resource.

Why you should try mobile betting?

Bet with portable devices much cheaper and more convenient for several reasons:

  • you can make transactions anytime and anywhere, regardless of where you are in this moment: standing in a traffic jam, listen to the boss at the protracted meeting, or falling asleep in boring lectures at the University;
  • bet mobile can be done live, while sitting comfortably in the stadium and watching your favorite team play live;
  • a BK, for example, William Hill , offer their customers not just mobile betting, and multiple applications, thanks to which you will always be available not only sports betting, but fun in a virtual casino, the financial markets for trading and many other useful services;
  • some bookmakers offer the opportunity to Deposit funds into your account directly from your mobile phone. Thanks to this function can and does time off from the computer (for example while on vacation or weekends in the country) and to place bets only with the portable device.

In addition, many offices run special promotions for those who use mobile betting. Want to get more bonuses? Then simply place your bets from your phone or tablet!


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