Rates for overtime in basketball

The rates for overtime in basketball

Ставки на овертайм в баскетболеOvertime in basketball is a rare phenomenon, so the bettors in mind not even taking the possibility to bet on such an outcome. Most battery put to win with a handicap or a clean win. Bets on extra time in basketball players bookmakers call this stupidity like correct score betting in football. To predict such markets are difficult, but you can play with them.

Overtime in basketball happen not so rarely in fact. For example, take the statistics of the NBA last season. Each of the 30 clubs in the League during the regular season at least once played in a draw in regulation time. The average for the regular season (82 games) team 5-7 times played overtimes. For example, “Utah” 10 times played in a draw in regulation time, and “Dallas” and all 12.

Bookmakers, as a rule, estimate the probability of a draw with odds from 10.00 from 15.00. If you put on those “Dallas” or “Utah”, it is possible in the season to be in the black even without coming up with any strategies. But on the other hand, there are clubs like “Phoenix” or “San Antonio”, which only once in the regular season played extra time. If all the time to bet on a draw involving these teams, you can go broke quickly.

Betting rules for overtime (draw) in basketball

1. Choose the matches of those teams who often play in regulation time in a draw. For example, Utah and Dallas, which we have discussed, the projected managed all personal meetings between themselves to complete in regulation time.

2. Betting on a tie is more suitable for clubs with low performance. A simple mathematical calculation suggests that most probably expect account, for example, 80:80, rather than 125:125.

3. Choose to be matches of equal strength teams. In this case, you just look at the standings or watch the odds line Sportsbook.

4. Watch how teams behave when at the end of the matches lose with a difference of 2 points. Some teams are reliable snipers, so safe to go in the final seconds for the three shots to win in overtime, but others, reducing the risk of injury in normal time, throw from the middle distance, hoping to win the match in extra time.

5. Limits on the market are not high because the stakes in the overtimes great popularity do not use. Bookmakers in the season even often be in the red if we are talking about betting on overtime. But due to the fact that the market, few bets, these disadvantages for bookmakers are virtually undetectable, so sometimes the odds on a draw, they offer high.


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