Rate of passage of the team

That means a bet on the pass command

Bets on the pass teams are at the stage of the playoffs (teams play through): in one match, either in megamation confrontation.

A bet on the pass team needs to determine who will advance to the next round (held on), i.e. it has 2 options.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on the passage of the team

The main advantage bet on the pass – ease, it is necessary to determine the strongest.

In a single match: put on a clean victory for the team, the player takes additional risks. Bet on the next round with a slightly lower coefficient includes extra time, a penalty shoot-out and the rule of “Golden goal”. The best contrast to the handicap(0) is no refund. Bettor either wins or loses.

In megamation Derby: bet on pass allows to abstract from the analysis of the separate meetings, because the large influence of the house, a partial underestimation of the opponent and other factors.

The disadvantage of betting on the passage of the teams over two legs (or more) competition is a long expectation of the outcome.

In the Champions League matches are played with a break for two weeks. The situation is similar in the series of the playoffs in hockey. Confrontation in the Stanley Cup and the Gagarin Cup going 4 wins to determine the winner can take up to two weeks.

However, bets on the pass can not be considered long-term (on the performance of the team in the tournament overall).

When and how to bet the pass command

As in any bet, the player’s task to correctly assess the balance of forces and, ideally, make it the best bookmaker. In Cup competitions often there are surprises. In the championship, long-distance, an outsider might look pale, but he is able to gather at a specific 1-2 games.

To put on the aisle at any time prior to the beginning of a single match or series. In the case of a 2-match competition played meeting will allow bookmakers to better assess the balance of forces and to adjust the coefficients, and the possible advantage of thoughtful better (able to see the potential of sensation) will be offset.

Some bookmakers give you the opportunity to put on the pass during the game, but to succeed in betting you should beware of impulsive decisions, ie if you put in live, only in accordance with the preliminary plan.

Where there are bets to qualify?

The most common bets to qualify teams in football. The most popular game on the planet associated with considerable amount of trophy Cup competitions: Champions League and Europa League, world Cup, continental tournaments and national cups.

Along with football, bet on reaching the next round are in hockey and basketball. For the national team is the Olympic games, world and continental Championships. At the club level in hockey – the playoffs of the KHL and NHL, and basketball NBA, Euroleague and national Championships.

Where to bet on the pass command

Bookmakers picked up the trend and began offering the line: “Who will advance to the next round?”. To bet on the pass command in almost every office. Usually, the Commission is adequate and comparable to the options outcome, handicap, total, etc.

For a set of attributes, given >10 years of experience in this field, the authors bkr.bet suggest Leon as a reliable Russian-speaking office with good bonuses and fast payouts.

Conclusion on rate of passage team

To put the passage of the teams – wise, but remember – in the Cup competitions happen sensation. In the championship, long-distance, an outsider might look pale, but he is able to gather at a specific 1-2 games. The advantage of betting on the passage of simplicity and reliability. it includes the result of regular time, overtime and penalty shoot.

Other rates: the outcome, double chance, total goals, handicap, half-match single bet, Asian handicap

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