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Bet on what you know

With the bookies I play now. Once too was a beginner and made, as now it seems just childish mistakes. Tell the basic principles of correct selection rates, of course this does not guarantee a win on each of them, but will avoid unnecessary losses.

Sometimes I feel funny when I see players putting on everything. Having the unfortunate experience of this kind, I have learned and all the advice is important to bet only on those events in which you are pretty good. Not just heard somewhere that Barcelona champion, and she beats everybody, and some racing an outsider.

Another misconception that having at hand the standings, you can easily guess the outcome of matches. Defines and not the standings, and the possession of accurate information about the commands: form, goals for the season and current challenges, state leaders teams, players injuries and so on. Information is everything, more than her, the better you will analyze the match, and therefore put on the correct outcome.

Further in front of your eyes line. You need to select the events. As I said, some short-sighted players bet on everything, and worst of all, when not even good at this sport. This is a sure path to defeat. Always you need to carefully choose the events and group them according to the degree of confidence in the result. The main thing that the confidence of the ball backed up by logic, but also intuition, if you have it, sometimes helps too.

Another misconception that looking at the odds, even do not understand the sport, you can guess the outcome of the match. Therefore, the factor should not play here the first role, because they are charged by the bookmaker and not the fact that he does this in accordance with the realities, sometimes don’t care, and sometimes especially, they’re wrong. Although sometimes we are attracted to is the number, here and need logic and intuition to see cafy, and believe my experience they are not so little.

Betting on the Internet or go to the bookmaker, you need to have 100% of knowing how and what you put. Although playing on the Internet is less important.

The minimum that a player needs to know about teams:

  • standings
  • the balance games and home owners
  • the balance of games on the road
  • the results of the last games of the teams
  • the story of their meetings and

We should not overestimate the importance of preliminary data, because statistics depends 50 percent more. Analysis doesn’t give 100% confidence in the outcome of the match, and the score you need to do based on all the comprehensive information, and may even not really sports. It is worth to pay attention to the news from the mill teams, understand the value of a specific match for them. Missing and non-factors affecting the outcome. It should not be overlooked, who will judge this match, what will be the weather, fan support and so on.

Therefore, having more information, you increase the probability to guess the correct outcome, but to guarantee the success rate, is a sports and during the match anything can happen.

Finally, advice: never change your decision about the bet at the last moment, yielding to the advice of others.

Good luck on your bets!

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