Put on correct score in tennis

Put on correct score in tennis

Ставим на точный счёт в теннисеMany fans bet on sports online like tennis. Primarily because there are fewer factors that are decisive for the result, and all the individual sports are easier to analyze, especially sports with a strict hierarchy ranking. In addition, in tennis there are only two possible outcomes. You can’t say the same about football, in which, though there is the opportunity to be more ambitious in Asian handicap, but on the other hand a strong team with a large handicap (-1,5, -1,25) are not always keen to win by a large margin. In tennis players interested in finishing their games as fast as possible for more rest. Thus those who bet in tennis depend only on one player who is motivated by points and money to win quickly and not need to rely on the whole team.

For those who want to try to bet on tennis, it is better to bet on big tournaments, where players have high motivation to win. To help in making decisions about rates official sites of the tournaments, however, in any case, you need the right strategy and will continue to be considered one of them.

Correct score betting, generally considered to be risky, however, with the right approach they can be effective. Only two options: 2:0 or in big tournaments 3:0. The first step is to select strong candidates to win with odds around 1,20 – 1,50 (but the odds are not the main factor for selecting a rate). This list is further adjusted and sorted indexes. Next, the search information of the surface. The surface is very important in tennis and a good player can play poorly on inconvenient surfaces. Next from the list are deleted players who perform poorly in this particular coating and thus there are players strong enough on the surface. For further sorting are checked ratios of win/loss on this surface and current form of the player (loses or wins the last time a tennis player). At the top of the list are only the best players on this surface. Then calculated the percentage of success of the game for the victory on their feeds. The second is a more minor factor, as the main task will determine how hard the player was able to resist the competitors in the particular circumstances at a particular time of the season.

Although the chances of winning are estimated at 1.2 – 1.5 but if this player correctly sorted, it needs to be able to win in two (three) sets. Odds on the correct score, as a rule, more: at 1.2 to win 2:0 at least offer the 1.6, and the ratios of 1.4 – 1.5 for the victory with no lost sets, a minimum of 1.9 to 2.0. Real statistics when using such tactics is as follows: about 65 — 67% won bets with an average ratio of 1.87, 33% are lost, with an average ratio of 1.95.


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