Promotion of the account at the bookmaker – asset management professional cappers

Promotion account at bookmaker – trust management of the cappers

Lately, the Internet has a host of proposals for promotion of accounts at bookmakers. We decided to study this question, to understand what it is. After analyzing proposals from different companies offering similar services, and worked with several of them, we can now answer our reader question, what is boost the account in the BK. This is another cash divorce, or a real method of increasing profits from the game? Let’s consider everything in order.


The mechanism of operation of this circuit

In accordance with the legend, the help of SEO accounts in the bookmakers (more precisely, this event should be called asset management accounts), have started to provide “experienced” and supposedly “super” successful cappers that have a wealth of experience in sports betting. They began to offer help to beginning players. However, this service was provided free of charge, on the following conditions:

  • The player has to open an account with a specific bookmaker and put him a specific sum of money.
  • After that, he gives all the account team of cappers that are in his name and using open account make bets on different sports events.
  • After such events, the control of the account back to the player, and he could withdraw from the account stipulated in the contract, the profit from the game.

Everything looks transparent and beautiful. But unfortunately, as in most cases, when you are invited to earn a lot of money to do nothing, it is a common monetary divorce.


 What is the essence of deception?

  • Once you give management rights to your account, it will be transferred all your money to the account of intruders. You will be impossible to prove that it’s not you took the money. The developers of this criminal scheme, choose a bookmaker, where it will be impossible to prove his innocence, after your account is reset.
  • One of the options of divorce, is when cappers used, the number of accounts a multiple of three. They put on three possible cases: win, lose, draw. In this case there is only one happy customer and two unhappy. Them, trying to calm down following games, chasing winnings for all players, gradually eating all their money. In any case, when the pyramid falls, the winners are the organizers of the attraction, not the players.

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