Progres betting lines

Progrus betting line

Прогруз букмекерской линииExperienced bettors often notice how for hours coefficient in lines at different bookmakers can vary greatly. This phenomenon has no connection with any insider information, and in conversations of professional players called Progresa bukmekerskoy line.

Progrus betting line is a deliberate lowering of the coefficient on the outcome of an event that the bookmaker is forced to do when the outcome is the amount of money wagered by the players together, might hurt the profits of the bookmaker. The bookmaker wants to reduce possible losses. As a result, the coefficient on the opposite outcome will proportionately increase. If on a particular outcome bettery put a lot of money, then the coefficients change only concerns with the unwillingness of the bookie to part with money and not with any insider regarding the upcoming match and not with sports highlights.

There are several indirect signs by which to find the causes of Progresa line and, of course, the favorable scenario is to take advantage of this. Simple player is impossible to get the insides of the match. However, minor and insignificant tournaments to rampant “dogovornjakah” possible and to join, where vengeance wielded by businessmen, who organize games with a predetermined outcome. In this case, the betting line is a litmus test of the fact that the fight will be a catch. When the organizer of match-fixing is betting on a large sum, which does not correspond to the status of the game, the line can not withstand the pressure, so the bookmaker is forced to lower the odds for this outcome.

Territorial progrus explained very easily. He is bound only to the territorial preferences of betterof. For example, the world Cup line on the Russian national team in our country will be progruzheno, so the odds of winning the national team of Russia will be of domestic bookmakers is lower than in firms of other States.

In every League and tournament you can see the situation when there is no clear favourite exhibited a ratio in the range 1.20-1.30. After that, the crowd of newcomers who want to quickly get more money as program line incredible amounts that the bookmaker is forced to lower the odds even less than 1.05 or not to close the outcome for betting.

Progrus is not very common, but when it appears with the right approach you can catch the plugs at two different bookmakers. In major tournaments to “catch” such events are difficult, but at the regional – much simpler, but for that you need to have certain information.


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