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The types of sports betting: football, tennis, basketball, hockey, Boxing, volleyball

What are the bets on different sporting events?

Not all novice punters have a clear idea of what can be types of bets on sports on the Internet. Let’s try to expand through the main aspects on which the work of the bookmakers on the worldwide web.

Principal rates in BC

Conventionally, all variants of bet between the bookmaker and punters can be divided into three broad categories, including single (the simplest of them is also called a single), plural (often referred to as parlays and systems) rate, and additional (as examples, who is the author of the first goal) Now let us dwell on each of these categories.

Single bets

All single bets in bookmakers are divided into several types:

1. The Bets (Single Bet). The simplest form of betting on the outcome of one particular match or event. Is one of the most popular in most of BC and attractive not only for beginners but also for professional punters, because winning this kind of bet is calculated quite simply. For example, you bet on the UEFA Champions League, where real Madrid plays Ludogorets and bet on the victory of the Royal club a hundred dollars. Since “cream” is a clear favorite, the odds for this outcome are quite low, for example, is only 1.1. Real Madrid wins 4:0 and you receive a payout that is equal to the bet amount multiplied by the ratio (100*1,1 = 110 dollars).

2. Double chance (foreign offices it may be cited as the Double Chance). This option provides the opportunity to put on two of the three likely outcomes of the meeting. That is, if we use the above example, you can put:

  • to win real Madrid or a draw;
  • on a draw or the victory of Ludogorets;
  • to win one of the teams.

Thus, the probability that your bet will play, compared to single, doubles.

3. Handicap (also referred to as handicap). Bet when one of the participants of the event conditional benefits in the form of goals or points (depending on sports). For example, the bookmaker decides at least a little “equalize” the odds of real Madrid and Ludogorets, and invites punters to bet as if the Bulgarian team is in the lead with the two goals. This allows you to make a more interesting bet on games in which there are clear favorites and underdog.

4. Asian handicap (in English bookmakers and Asian Handicap). Peculiar cases in which the outsider “fighting” is not integer multiple of 0,25 (1,25, 2,5, etc.). This type of handicap gives more opportunities and batters, and BK that allows you to make interesting and unpredictable wager with the much more interesting factors than in a normal handicap.

5. Total (Over/Under or, translated into Russian, More/Less). This kind of betting is that the better you have to guess the number of goals the teams scored in goals or total points. More precisely, not to give an exact figure, and try to predict whether they would be scored by both teams more or fewer balls from a certain level specified by the office. For example, BK accepts bets on total goals for a meeting between Ludogorets and real Madrid with a value of 2.5. If you are sure that the teams in total will score more than two goals, then make a deal for “More.” Usually in this type of bet uses a fractional number (2,5, 3,5, etc.), as integer values, in some cases, they may not play and will need to return. For example, to a football match the office puts total 2. If the results of the meeting will be recorded in the account 2:0, 0:2 or 1:1, the bookmaker will be forced to return the stakes.

Multiple bets

Types of multiple bets there is also quite a lot. They are divided into simple and complex. To a simple multiple bets include:

1. Parlay (Multi Bet). In this bet the better would have to guess the outcomes of several (two or more) events. Moreover, the interest rate will play only if the client’s office correctly predict all the results from this Express. For example, approximately at the same time will play between man UTD and Arsenal and Liverpool and the citizens. You bet one parlay to win of two teams from Manchester. If both clubs win over your opponents, your bet (that is, the Express) will play. And not necessarily to the same Express featured only one sport. Such kind of bets on various events, and can include dozens of different sports.

2. System (System). A kind of combination of bets in which the player sometimes need to put on more events and hope that he will be able to guess the outcome of an increasing number of them. The gain in this case will depend not only on factors, but also from the “dimensionality” – the number of bets that have to play. That is, the better he defines this dimension and chooses a system where it is necessary to guess, for example, two outcomes out of three, three out of four or four out of five.

With regard to the complex multiple bets they usually represent a certain number of bets on several independent events. For example, a Trixie is four bets on three independent events. A Patent consists of seven bets (three singles, three double and one triple Express) on the same three events.

Additional types of bets

By passing the above-mentioned types of betting among professional players are very popular and others not less profitable, and sometimes more profitable additional options for betting.

1. Correct score betting

2. Bets on the first/second half of the match

3. Bets on the goal scorer

4. Bet on both teams to score

5. The stakes in the first minutes of the match


What are the main differences between betting on different sports?

In General one can say that the principle for betting in BC remains the same, regardless of the sports event. But, at the same time, some differences between betting on a football game and, say, a Boxing match, are available. If you take a few of the most popular sports, while betting on events they should consider some nuances:

  • betting on football is one of the most popular sports among bookmakers will delight gamblers features and almost all types of bets ranging from single and ending with systems.
  • tennis betting – bet on football matches differ, first and foremost, the opportunity to bet on the outcome of several sets and to predict the results of separately taken segment of the meeting;
  • basketball betting – This sport is one of the most productive in the world, which allows punters to place a bet with high odds, handicaps and totals. Plus, in basketball are often bet on the best (most effective or useful) player of the game;
  • bet on hockey – in this fast and more “driven”, compared to football, the sport, the situation on the ground can change dramatically in just a few seconds. Because of this and bet on the outcome of hockey games so much more interesting;
  • betting on volleyball – similar in many ways to wager on hockey, basketball and football, but are more modest coefficients and measured changes in live mode;
  • bet on Boxing – these meetings are quite unpredictable due to a large number of rounds provide an opportunity to make a huge amount of betting with a variety of conditions in one match.

Now you have an idea about the different types of bets and can choose the most suitable options in order to try to earn in the world of sports.

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