Pricing as the key to success in the confrontation with the betting company

Pricing as the key to success in the confrontation with the betting company

Оптимизация ставок как залог успеха в противостоянии с букмекерской компаниейIt is no secret that people are betting not only from the passion, the desire to prove that you understand your favorite sport. Usually the purpose of people who go on like that, especially regularly, the maximum trivial and very pragmatic. They are looking for benefits, and direct material. That is, the back, the main thing for the players is to minimize all possible risks at the rate of. So their goal is not just to risk money and catch the jackpot, but also make it possible to do this without large financial losses. That is, the task is to optimise rates.

Any experienced better, which is already at least some time engaged in it constantly and have gained some game experience, just to confirm that spontaneous, devoid of system, and therefore Sveshnikova policies almost inevitably lead to financial losses, sometimes significant. This is logical: the bookies, too, are not those who intend to become a kind of universal “sponsor” advertising free gas money. So it is always in the coefficients of “sitting” planned by the firms profit percentage. Playing by their rules, they have developed field can hope to win only if there is a deliberate, smart strategy, in which you can optimize your bids, and through them, in the end, and win.

Of course, everyone goes to their own way — in General, experts count at least two dozen different basic strategies that have variations. In the basis you can see the algorithms that supposedly work in gambling, others have been adapted on the basis of experience in the financial markets. But all three groups are displayed quite clearly.

The first group includes those that are directly aimed at optimizing the rates of the outcomes. This, experts say, do some kind of money management, but taking into account the specifics of betting. They do tend to put an equality sign between the mastery of this skill and professionalism of the player. The second largest group is the so-called “Dogon”. All the rest, like forks and forks incomplete, include in group 3.

Betting strategies comprise a set of different methods. As a rule, they are universal, and importantly their combination, combination. What a view, what methods are most successful? The answer is no — the player should be universal and not to focus on one thing, constantly adapting to current realities in order to strengthen the theoretical base of the growing scope of practice. Over time, this will help to elect several types of strategies to achieve some kind of “specialization” in accordance with their own, their individual preferences.

In conclusion, you can make up what most average players lose in the confrontation with the bookmakers not because they are unlucky or they are poorly conducted analysis and gathered little information. Rather, it is the result of unsuccessful strategic management and refusal to properly optimize your bids.


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