Predictions capper. To earn or pay for it yourself?

Predictions capper. To earn or pay for it yourself?

Capper (from the English. capper, slang = the informant in gambling) in Russian means man, guessing the outcomes of sports events for others (often for a fee).

Many web sites offering the best forecasters called professional cappers. So are they lucky? Not based their rankings on the time and luck whether real reviews? If they are so smart, then why give advice (sometimes for free)? Bet and be in the black, sipping beer in Russia, and tequila on the Caribbean sea! Let’s try to understand these logical issues that arise when meeting with the cappers.

Who is the capper and how they can become

The capper – guys predicting the outcomes of sports events (football etc.) Why don’t they put themselves? It is believed that thinking without the psychological pressure of the sword of Damocles set the amount of hard earned, a person with a strong ability to analyze, can predict outcomes with greater chance of success than an inexperienced player, experiencing for each ruble.

Professional capper does not think about the money – his task is to give the best predictions, while remaining in positive territory. Proving the qualification (or falsified, giving the appearance of writing the reviews) for a long period of time, he begins to sell tips ready to believe in his super-powers and doesn’t want to think for themselves. In Russia this activity is developed incredibly.

How to become a capper? To practice secretly and begin to predict public Vkontakte, profile or your website (blog), including and using a webcam recording. If the predictions are correct and at the same time actively advertising online, promote it in social networks, to use the services of specialists in promotion (seo), book reviews – you draw the attention of customers.

Small risks: a) be a loser and be ridiculed by readers resolved a virtual name change and the creation of a new website; b) the cost (time or money) on promotion of the blog does not pay off – is unlikely, since the price of privateers hold high, but Pinocchio is full; a) to be held by the competent authorities for tax evasion or fraud – such cases in Russia until rare.

Experienced cappers are always ready to option a) and that business did not stop, at the same time doing multiple sites to conduct them in parallel or switch immediately to the new after a bad series of outcomes. Cheap hosting in Russia and the conveyor web masters to minimize costs.

Predictions capper: free or paid?

Let’s say you managed to achieve positive balance in the virtual predictions for any period. How to benefit? Real option of earning one to sell forecasts, making them free at first, attracting people reviews.

Not the best cappers spread info to the network for free, doing it as a hobby or build a reputation to sell their advice in the future. Industry professionals are trying to cash in on the traffic – readers who visit the website or blog. Some income is possible if you have not only the skill of predicting sporting events, but also knowledge in the field of web design, monetization and SEO-promotion resource. This combination of talents is rare in Russia and will provide a solid income even without problems with the predictions. The work of web designers and specialists in SEO will be expensive and will pay for itself with a large number of visitors. Not the fact that they get to lure.

Selling predictions for money – services that require advertising and investments. Do not think that only one desire to predict the outcomes of matches will bring a stable income – we need a solid investment of time, knowledge and finances to achieve results. Guarantees no, the capper runs the risk of playing. Always!

A professional capper – easier to cheat than earn honestly

Easier to make if the goal is not so much to help players as just making money at any cost, including cheating gullible suckers. In this case, no need to worry about the patency of the forecasts – a successful history of capper come up with, draw in photoshop, adding purchased laudatory reviews and the best reviews.

Creating a trap for suckers and protecting it from righteous anger bred for money simpletons (commenting on those who praise) it is possible to invest in its promotion with a decent chance of success. And if you place a few (dozen?!) such similar “traps” its ratings and feedback – row money with a shovel. What do you think of the two options for earnings easier and more efficient in Russia? Honest sales forecasts or fraudulent divorce simpletons for money? Of course, the 2nd – he prevails under the guise of professional capista. The Internet – dozens, hundreds, thousands of speculators, especially in the social sphere

Best capper – those who are lucky from time to time

The maximum confidence of the layman called by the cappers, not working on personal sites, and third-party resources (non-manipulation), in the eyes of the readers. Some portals control reviews and have a rating system (ratings) efficiency of tipsters, but here is a hidden pitfall privateering …

In statistics there is the concept of “trend of survival”, according to him and in forecasting will always find a individual who are really lucky. The results are due solely to the skills, knowledge, intuition, and the simple “luck”, with the ability suddenly to end.

A good capper can be a monkey, if you put it near the two feeders with bananas and watch the choice. Imagine that it is not bananas, and between the outcomes of the tennis match of equal opponents the odds to win each 2.0. In the experiment – 10 000 monkeys, “betting” five years.

By the laws of statistics would appear that after 2 years will remain 2.5 thousand “capper-monkeys” with the money, and in five years – about three hundred, proudly Natsumi best forecasters. It is clear that in bookmaker offices of Russia and the world with the existence of a margin there is no odds 2.0 on two equally probable outcomes. Because if monkeys were placed in BC – five years in the money of them would be only a couple extra lucky.

The best cappers with winning results in the top rankings, just temporarily fall into the category of the lucky ones, guessing the “right bananas.” But the trend of their activities is directed to the loss, because at a long distance to keep a positive result predictions problematic. Nothing subjective – the laws of statistics. Remember, they do not risk their money!

Predictions from cappers-publichnosti: know the sport is not enough

Many fans naively think that free advice from a famous personality (appeared on TV with his magical power) more valuable, and her brain differs from the average. Demand creates offer and closed up cappers trying and well-known former athletes, commentators, journalists – people considered to be experts in the world of sports, the so-called “talking heads”. For a small coin they are willing to do anything.

In betting more important than a cool head, ability to follow a set strategy than an understanding of the sport, as though it wildly did not sound. The bet is compared to the market – the laws of statistics and the market. The history of life. One of the best traders made a fortune in the timber trade, and throughout his career was sure that “green wood” are the trees green, although in fact the so-called green wood, i.e. he was a perfect ignoramus in the woodworking, but it has not prevented to become a millionaire!

The other player on the stock exchange made a name for speculation with Swiss francs, but could not find on the map of the country, the currency traded. These examples are striking proof that the knowledge of the principles of trade does not require to deal with the goods. And betting – understanding sports does not guarantee success in betting. But the ability to strictly follow mathematical strategy gives a good chance even man, far from being a football pundit.

The best players often appeared as a complete ignoramus in the forecasts – the story keeps Comedy predictions Pele before the world Championships. Someone singled out as a favorite King of football – on the prospects of the team were giving up. Memorable also the statement of the famous defender Alan Hansen about Manchester United Alex Ferguson when the Scot made a bid for young Giggs, Scholes, butt, Beckham and the Nevilles brothers that “you can’t win anything with kids”. One of the most authoritative experts in the world of English football still remember this “forecast”, as fergie has won with these children everything she could.

Many players lost money on betting: Eidur Gudjonsen, Matthew Etherington, Michael Chopra – went bankrupt, losing in bookmakers all though the same the Icelander played at Champions League level. Football knowledge and even vision of the game inside, it helps in betting => all the expert advice from the world of football is divided into two, and at least treat them critically.

The capper – people who realize that even a professional knowledge of the sport does not guarantee a successful game at the bookmaker, do not want to risk your own money when testing their own theories and theses. Advise on what to put the others non-committal, gainful employment, where thoughtful the privateer in Russia no risk.

Conclusions cappers

A stake is the chance to test a personal strategy to beat another expert in the field of sports, his intelligence and intuition, become an expert, proven by multiple wins at the bookmaker. To walk other people’s paths hand in hand with the capper – losing option. Abandoning his own thoughts, a player enters the forest with a variety of traps from the best professional hunters and pass them fail. Think for yourself!

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