Popular types of bets on basketball

Popular types of bets on basketball

Популярные виды ставок на баскетболIn modern times to bet and earn money they can do anything. Betting on basketball, for example, the gamblers do for over a hundred years.

Any bookmaker, especially large ones, offers a line of different types of bets on basketball. Now hosts many national and continental Championships, leagues and tournaments. At the head of the list is the NBA, and then in popularity is the Euroleague, and then the national European Championships. During the Olympic games, European and World Championships the focus of the basketball community is focused on these tournaments.

At the moment almost all bookmakers in the line there are types of bets on basketball: a clear victory team, winning odds, totals, winning the first half or quarters, winning the tournament or championship. Reputable bookmakers can have a wider variety of markets. For example, you can put the author first points in the match. Sometimes players are even invited to guess the exact score of the match.

Types of bets on basketball:

Bets on the winner of the match

The outcome of the match is the most common bet. Newcomers who begin to play in bookmakers, certainly the first few first rates make a winner. Betting on a tie in regulation time are available, but not all bookmakers. As a rule, odds for a draw exceeds 15.00.

The handicap bet

Fora is a kind of correction in favor of the underdog. In most cases the bookmakers offer the same odds, because they are trying to balance the team strength even if they are different.

For example, CSKA is the favorite in the home match with Olympiacos. Equal odds – 1.90 bookmakers put the odds (6.5). That is, if a bet F1 (-6.5), CSKA should win with difference of 7 points. Bet F2(+6.5) would be if Olympiacos won or lost with a difference of no more than 6 points.

Bet on total goals

Bookmakers indicate the closest number of points, which together will rack up the team. In the case of a match of CSKA – Olympiakos goals were chosen 160 points. That is, in the TM and TB bookie gave a coefficient of 1.90. It is logical that bet on the over will win if recruited more than 160 points.

Bet on the winner of the tournament

These rates usually are not very popular, because the results sometimes have to wait more than six months. In the case of winning the player of the bookmaker will be able to receive your winnings only after the outcome of the tournament, League or championship. During the season, the odds can vary, depending on the command results.

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