Popan and the privateer: the terms you need to know the betting lovers

Popan and the privateer: the terms you need to know fans of betting

Попан и капер: термины, которые нужно знать любителям беттингаIn every field of human activity has its own lexicon. Of course, inherent in it and sports bets. It is advisable for those who want to be part of it, to understand at least the basic terms and concepts. Among them, you should understand the difference between “marque” and “popadom”.

Popan — term, which is typical, primarily for Russian-speaking Internet. It comes from the slang “fear”, the General meaning of which is clear to almost anyone. About the bets, “popan” — the one who always loses,making the wrong bets. But only he is guilty in all that happens. The reason for this is the lack of discipline and/or coherent strategy, when placed at random on the basis of abstract considerations such as intuition or on the basis of superficial knowledge. By and large, these are always the majority. This category forms the main prize pool for their more prepared peers.

Experts note that it is not so bad: it all starts with Papanov is a zero level of the bettor. So it’s a shame not to be ashamed for a long time to stay in this category. It is important to attempt to develop the categories Papanov in the category of professionals. The main thing — with the maximum good use of their own experience and all available sources for personal growth in this regard. Including — and read everything associated with predictions about the favourites for the rate match. And here we come to the second pole of the persons associated with betting.

Another term that characterize a different category of participant in the bidding process — “the privateer”. This term is as an abbreviation for “handicapper” means a high level of professional, expert with significant experience in betting. However, he does not put himself, but by analyzing the lines, making their predictions for the upcoming sports events, pointing out those quotes where bookmakers made a mistakeby putting too high a ratio. It is due to their knowledge, through a thorough understanding and prediction of the development of events, such people earn on a paid tips in the world of sports. It especially developed in the West, where he created and legally operate the whole company with superior staff of professional analysts. Sometimes free bet on football published in the public domain, and it is foolish to ignore such options improve his chances to make an educated bet. But in order to read the opinion of other more experienced players with bets typically have to leave the level of “Popina” — they just very rarely doubt their own predictions about what there thinking about the match, the author of heads or something else meaningful.


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