Plugs, bet365 live casino doesn and snooker. Player history

Forks, bet365 live casino doesn and snooker. Player history

“Stumbled upon Your website when looking for information about snooker. Recently I play is on the forks, and faced with such a situation: Put on odd/even frames for the game Robert Milkins vs Graeme Dott in two offices (365bet – Thu, sbobet – odd). As it turned out, in both the offices of my bets lost,” with this introduction began the history of one of our readers, asking for advice. It would seem like this could be? 2 well-known foreign firms and is …

In fact: Robert Milkins vs Graeme Dott score 0-6.

As can be seen, the total that is not even, then it is obvious that secudity decided in bet365 live casino doesn and this is what they wrote:

Mike: Hello Andrey, welcome to bet365 live chat. How may I help you?

Andrey: Hello Mike, please look at my bet # JH***

Andrey: can you tell me why it was lost?

Mike: One moment please.

Mike: There were 127 total frames in this snooker game.

Mike: therefore The bet has been settled correctly.

Andrey: but I thought the odd/even of the bet is calculated by total score 0:6 …

Mike: I can confirm that this is a losing bet.

How to get 127? is the expense of the frames were (1:117, 14:85, 13:60, 0:71, 0:135, 0:127), ie they took the score of the last frame and decided to push it as a total for all frames — a trick to deceive the player or complete incompetence (unlikely) there. Andrey was a fighter, had an excellent command of English and were not going to surrender, writing for them again:

Andrey: Sarah, look at my bet # JH*** please. I think it is an error in the result of this bet. My bet selection is ‘Even’ of Total Frames. The total frames are 0+6 in this game snooker (UK Championship – Best of 11 Frames). And 6 is an Even number. The points count is Odd, but the frames count is Even. My bet was exactly on frames, not on points. I took match results from 3 websites: bet365/Betradar (,3_55,22_7,5_9539,9_headtohead,7_22442,178_26198,415_2,423_2), official snooker website ( and BBC ( The total of frames on each website is 6, it is Even.

Sarah B: I Will check this now for you.

Sarah B: I am getting your bet checked now .

Sarah B: Your bet will be re-settled within 2 hours.

Sarah B: Please accept our apologies for this.

Andrey: Do I understand right that you accept the result of the bet was wrong?

Sarah B: That is correct, we will make sure that the bet is resettled and you get your winnings.

Andrey: Many thanks! Best regards!

Wanted to cheat but did not work and was what is called, caught red-handed, and although they did apologize, but not particularly focused on this; to blame himself is clearly not feel, and thus for them it is a normal situation — here’s how 365bet that we already have caught not so long ago ceasing all cooperation.

Most importantly: it was a fork. “In both offices, I put about $100. In the end, due to special or consequential divorce from 365bet, I almost parted with $200, but after the debriefing won $1.5 )) here such Here the risks… I Wonder how many and how often do 365bet so calculates bets?”

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