meaning total rate of less than 1.5. How to understand TM(+1,5)

How to understand the total is less than 1.5. What does TM 1,5

Under 1.5 goals – bet, implying that the entire match will be scored < the two balls. If you add up the goals of the teams playing and get 0 or 1 – the bet is played, otherwise the money goes to the office.

A bet on under 1,5 – a good option for duels of the low productive ones – for example, in France and Italy. Moreover this option is good for a total of one half or betting in live.

How to understand TM 1,5

  • 0:0, 1:0, 0:1 = the bet is won;
  • another outcome, another account = money lost

Total <1.5 – universal rate for football, hockey, tennis, basketball and other sports.

An example of the calculation of the rate for under 1.5 goals = TM 1,5

Football. The Championship Of Russia. “Amkar” – “Ufa”. 16.05.16

The Russian championship is not among those where they score a lot of goals, especially if we are talking about the teams fighting for survival. Amkar and “Ufa” – it is these comrades, clogging and leaking a little, because it is logical to choose the total be less than 1.5. Put on TM 1,5 1000 rubles with a factor of 2.5.

That means less than 1.5 total goals in the match?

Decomposed in TM of 1.5:

  • scored less than two goals (score 0:0, 1:0, 0:1) = plus 2500 p.;
  • the performance of the match from two goals = total goals not playing.

The real result, the score

“Amkar” has won 1:0 and secured their residence in the elite for next season, the total of the match was 1 goal that is less than 1.5, the bet would play.

Where to bet total goals under 1.5 = TM (1.5)

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