meaning total rate less than 5.5. How to understand TM(5,5)

That means the total is less than 5.5. How to understand the TM of 5.5

A bet on under 5,5 so that the sum of the goals (goals / points) in the match for both teams not to exceed the number of six – in this case the rate of play, and the player received a prize.

Hockey total goals 5,5 – commonplace, but in other sports it is rare. For football it is too a big figure, but the eye is too small. Total < A 5.5 usually play on teams that are good defensively.

How to calculate rate when TM is 5.5

  • if the amount of match goals scored/goals less than six = interest rate plays
  • if game points/goals/goals will be more than five (score 3:3, 4:2, 2:5 etc.) = alas, you are lost

Sample of real hockey for under 5,5 = 5,5 TM

Hockey. Championship of the world. Czech Republic – USA. 19.05.16

The Czech Republic is traditionally known for good defenses and skillful counter-attacking game, and given the fact that this is a elimination match – the quarterfinal stage of the world Cup – the Czechs will play even more cautious than usual. Because we put on under 5,5 1000 rubles – the coefficient of 1.7.

What is the total < 5,5 here?

Options for under 5.5 in this case:

  • if both teams have not scored more than six goals in total (0:0, 1:0, 2:0, 1:2, 0:5) – the rate of play, the winnings will amount to 1700 R.;
  • if the amount of washers will exceed the number 5 (3:3, 4:2, 2:4, 5:1) – the money will go to the office.

The result, the score

As we expected, the match was not very spectacular – the teams were cautious and played in regular time 1:1, and then the Americans won in a penalty shootout.

Where to bet under 5,5 = TM (5,5)

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All versions of totals

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