Meaning total rate is less than 0.5. How to understand TM(0,5)

How to understand total less than 0.5. What do you mean TM of 0.5

Total goals is less than 0.5 means the prediction that in a football or other match no goal, i.e. a bet on a draw 0:0, which is duplicated in the list of totals.

A bet on under 0.5 goals is in line with a good quote, as it is a bet on a specific score.

What do you mean TM of 0.5

  • 0:0 = win;
  • any other outcome = rate does not play

Total <0.5 – universal rate for football, hockey, tennis, basketball and other sports.

Example Total less than 0.5 goals = TM 0.5 of a real match

Football. The Championship Of Argentina. “Patronato” – “Olimpo”. 17.05.16

The championship of Argentina was not a result the team is primarily aimed at preserving the integrity of their own gates, and then – taking others. Because in a match average performance Examples “Patronato” and “Olimpo” it is possible the score is 0:0, which is the only suit us if the total is less than 0.5. Put on ТМ0,5 with a ratio of 7.0 1000.

What is the total less than 0.5 in this case?

Options with less than 0.5 goals in this match:

  • the score is 0:0 = gain is 7000 p;
  • if scored at least one goal from either team = total plays.

How it all came together really, account

“Patronato” scored a goal in the stoppage time and won 1-0 – the match really wasn’t too effective and the chances of total less than 0.5.

Where to bet total goals is less than 0.5 = TM (0.5)

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