Meaning total rate is greater than 0.5. How to understand TB(0,5)

How to understand the total is greater than 0.5. What do you mean TB of 0.5

Bet on over 0.5 goals suggests that in the match on which you have set at least one goal scored by one of the teams. In other words – the match ends with any score other than 0:0.

In the pre-match line this option choose rarely, because it is accompanied by a small coefficient. Live the quote on the over 0.5 goals is constantly growing, if not scoring goals and can grow up to a respectable ratio.

The options of calculating the rate of 0.5 TB

  • 0:0 = rate does not play;
  • any account except 0:0 – win.

Total >0.5 – universal rate for football, hockey, tennis, basketball and other sports.

Example over 0.5 goals = TB 0.5 of a real match

Football. The Championship Of Russia. “Amkar” – “Ufa”. 16.05.16

“Amkar” in order to protect yourself from relegation, only one win in the remaining two rounds and to produce where it is not in the match with “Ufa”, which is in the relegation zone. This match is considered “Menshevik” because the total is greater than 0.5 there will be with any significant coefficient. Focus on TB 0.5 goals – 1000 with a ratio of 1.09.

How to understand more than 0.5 goals in this match?

The possible classifications in total more than 0,5:

  • the score is 0:0 bet is not playing;
  • there is at least one goal = gain is 1090 rubles.

It was really the case

The rate was not so faithful, despite the small factor, but still played – “Amkar” has won 1:0 thanks to a goal by George Djikia, but to put on 0,5 TB here was profitable during the match – somewhere during the break.

Where to bet on over 0,5 = TB (0.5)

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All versions of totals

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