Long-term rates — the pros and cons

Long-term rates — the pros and cons

Modern bookmakers offer players the widest range of sports betting (line). Over the years, it is constantly increasing due to the emergence of new sports and Championships. In addition, changing the timing of billing lines. If at the beginning of the 21st century bookmakers offered to bet on match for a few days in advance, now to bet on significant competition possible and for a week, a month or even a year before its launch. It is about the direction of sports betting we will cover in this article.

General characteristics of long-term rates

Long-term rates — a proposal to predict the outcome of the tournament as a whole, i.e. to answer the question “who will win”or take a certain place (or will get in the top 2,3), i.e. a bet on the results of the performance of a specific team/player. DS can do like team sports and individual.

The section “Long-term rates” is not the most popular, and is on the site not each of the BC. Most developed this line of betting in a strong European bookmakers, for example, in bet365. At the same time, some Russian agencies also deliver solid long-term, and sometimes as in the case of 1xbet and go forward (in line — football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, Rugby, Futsal, baseball, etc.).

Dolgorucky can be divided into two types:

  • The first can be described as classic. Their meaning is that you bet on the tournament winner, ie just determine the strongest team.
  • The second category is a more specific event. For example: “whether it Comes Maria Sharapova to reach Roland Garros?” or “will you Play in the final of the world Cup teams of Brazil and Spain?”

Some players consider the long-term rates as a good method of investing capital, but justified it? Are there risks in long-term rates and how great are they?

The pros and cons of “dolgoruck”

Long-term rates can be regarded as not Bozrikova, but having the right to life means of income. The highlight of dolgoruck is that they can be done before the tournament and during the competition. This allows you to avoid large financial losses in case of unsuccessful start of your team. If you have changed your opinion on your favorite, it is always possible to err by making the opposite bet.

An important aspect of long-term rates is the choice of bookmakers. It is desirable that you have had accounts from several bookmakers. This is necessary in order to take the victory of his team with the best coefficient. At the offices, there are differences in opinions on each specific tournament. The difference is not of 0.05-0.10, as in the case with the usual match odds for the favorites can vary 0.3-0.5. You can do a win-win plug. For dolgoruck they are less dangerous, as it is unlikely that the security service the bookie will pay attention to you because of one or two bets that will be settled in six months.

In the course of a tournament, the balance of forces is constantly changing. Consequently, bookmakers are reacting to these changes and offer new factors. Due to this difference of capow can “catch” the victory of the original favorite on favorable terms and to earn good money. Suffice it to recall how “Manchester city”, the main favorite of the English Premier League, became the champion. In just a few rounds before the end of the championship to win the bulls gave the ratio is about 6.00. Another thing is that these moments need to feel, and this in turn only comes with experience.

Dolgorucky before the tournament advantageous in that they are convenient for the analysis. Information about the team, its staffing and capabilities in the current season, you can collect a great many. In addition, on the player’s side and a large amount of time for decision-making. So, after carefully considering all facts about the team by reading Analytics, and the latest news from the camp of opponents, the player can make a balanced decision.

In long-term rates, despite of these advantages there are some disadvantages. First and foremost is the amount of the bet. To make too small bet is meaningless, as expected, the amount of the winning 300 rubles for half a year — a waste of time. At the same time too to invest a large sum in the when I first saw you also unlikely. Bookmakers are wary of such rates and, therefore, does not always offer the highest highs.

Another disadvantage of betting on the tournaments is the availability of a wide array of outcomes. In a normal match, the player have to choose between the two teams or a draw, and in long-term rates, the choice must be done between the scores of the opponents. Still, it’s sport and sometimes the victory in the competition are able to win outsiders, which no one believes.

Conclusion the long term rates

Advantages of long-term rates to tournaments is still more than minuses. Therefore, they should be considered as a good investment option. These rates are more suited to players with an average Bank, which is ready to allocate part of it for the long term. Before betting, you must carefully analyze the current state of the team, objectively assessing its chances of winning the tournament. You also need to understand that systematically earn long-term rates is extremely difficult. It is single way of investing that will bring you income once.

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