Live tennis betting. Strategy etc.

Tennis. Live betting and strategy

What so attracts a huge number of people in the field of “live betting” is translated from English (live) this title? It’s very simple — the point is the speed of making / playing money and a fabulous odds of winning athletes, rising almost to the heavens. Live is the place where all dreams come true, where in one fell swoop you can win big cash. So many believe lovers “to hang out at the weekend” and they are partly right. However, it may become real under certain conditions and principles. Let’s take the example of one of the most popular hitters sports tennis

The essence of live bets on tennis, which distinguishes them from interest rates to match, is possible in monetary terms to assess the prospects of a particular athlete in real time. For sober-minded and devoid of blind passion of the people who are able to act according to the strategy, if it is not the Klondike, it is very intellectual and entertaining experience, but also a way of self-realization. But, unfortunately, where the stakes, there appears the excitement. And it all depends on the ability to control their emotions and calculate their financial capabilities.

In addition to the traditional approach to betting and bets on a specific athlete, based on a common understanding of its capabilities, there are several common methods of earning in live betting on tennis. Consider some of the most striking.

Strategy live betting on tennis “Catching excessive factors”

There is a whole category of hunters, temporarily losing favorites tennis match, and often they make good money in this rule of the office “to raise / to inflate the odds on them winning”. If such favorite temporarily loses his opponent, “hunter favorite”, let’s call it so, suggesting that a losing situation in a match where the favourite is only temporary, and must inevitably change in favor of his favorite, doji are given growth factor. At the right moment, when the turning point in the match in favor of his favorite for “the hunter” is obvious, he makes a bet on it. If hunter is right, he makes enough money on its method. The only question is the amount of profit that depend on the correct choice of the moment to place a bet, too cheap — will earn less, will wait until his athlete will not be on the verge of defeat, but wins, you will hit a Big jackpot. Timeliness is a key concept here, and this is the main point of this strategy, attracting a large number of people.

Catching excessive factors: tennis features

The method above often works in live betting on tennis. There are a number of players who do not like or do not know how quickly to start the match, don’t seek or can’t show their best game since the start of the match. In the game with a weaker, but very zealous opponent of such athletes often give the first batch of three possible in the match. The following reaction and the bookmaker, gradually increasing the ratio of winning and losing tennis player. Depending on the value of favorite in the world rankings, the case often comes to the very serious figures, such as the ratio of 5.0, which means four times the profit in the case of such live betting on tennis. An experienced hunter knows all that, and waiting for “gopher won’t look out” from mink. And then, once given “the shot”.

It should be noted that if for tennis and other sports with similar rules, this method is very applicable because losing your favorite set is very often just an empty phrase, it is much more the case in football or basketball, where losing points is losing more than a symbolic and psychological moment in the set. In basketball or football, the favorite, far behind on points, often simply do not have time to make up for lost.

The strategy of overlapping bets on tennis to the match live

The next element that should be in the tactical Arsenal of every self-respecting better to protect its financial investment. Nobody wants to be nervous and to worry about the bet, especially if it’s reputable. Here comes to the rescue and Live. Not always true, but still often comes. Made prior to the start of the match rate, can be protected by a bet during the match, in live mode.

Let us consider an example. Bet on tennis player “And” the day before the event. Suppose the coefficient on athlete equal to 2.0, which implies a two-fold amount in case the right bet. But the amount is large, and you want to protect yourself from loss. This can be done by putting on player “B”. When the factor of 2.0 for the win of your athlete and the bet amount of 1000 rubles, so as not to lose anything in case of loss, you need your tennis player began to win, and the odds on his rival in the office, thus, increased to at least 4.33. During the match, making the opponent bid in the amount of 300 rubles. What is the result? If Your athlete won, you get a prize — 2000 rubles, and net of the amount of the “rate of saving”, you have on hand is 1700 rubles. If your athlete loses, you return everything that was put on him, plus the sum of the “rate of recovery”.

The more relevant and profitable this way, if the victory of your competitor ratio was higher than his opponent. For example, 3.3. Then you can earn a very good idea in any case. For this again you need to wait until Your player starts to win, and the bookies will give you the opportunity to capitalize on his counterpart.

Game of odds — a favorite pastime of experienced live-hitters betting on tennis. If you were able to catch a really big factor, why not sacrifice a small part of the profits to protect themselves against loss of invested funds, if there is even the slightest risk that the rate may not work. Moreover, many manage good to make money. Options can be mass, it remains only to quickly add, subtract and multiply.

It is worth dwelling on the notion of “minimizing harm”, as it is one of the pillars strategy live bets on tennis and not only. It is inextricably linked with the psychology of the player to the sweepstakes. How many happened to see the happy life of the people belonging to the bookmaker in good spirits, with pockets full of pleasant rustling bills of various denominations. But it takes half hour or an hour, and these people are sinking into a severe depression with an unpredictable outcome, ranging from drinking alcohol for the remainder of the money, ending with a brawl, arranged on the spot in the bookmaker. In the mind of such a person is throbbing with one thought — “Why have got”. Moreover, these people are often very thoughtful, and well-versed in the sport, which put.

Won their psychology — the desire to get lost immediately, to restore everything as it was built into our genes, operates on the pocket of the bookies around the world. The ability to soberly assess the situation, do not lose your head, and not yield to a momentary feeling, rightfully occupies a place of honor among the fundamental principles of the strategy lover live bets on tennis. Recipe for beginners to deal with this disease is simple — break, any other short break lasting more than 10 minutes, will help to restore emotional balance and find former sober thinking.

Psychology live bets on tennis

Strategy betting tennis live individual, and depends on the skills, abilities and character of the bettor. Variations of behavior in this mobile game on the tote weight. Can, bet to win, to cover the possible losses bet on the opposite result — to win the opponent, you can block and even earn a bet on the number of games in set or the match (total), bet on odds of one player games, or sets. Some even manage to earn very much non-traditional outcomes of a tennis match, such as betting on the victory of tennis player in specific games or even win them to specific points points (1st, 2nd, etc.), won by a particular player in this game. Of course, everyone needs to, for it is more reliable and profitable, but the wealth of choice hides the insidious nature of the bookmaker, and this is also worth to keep in mind.

Tactics in live betting on tennis can be a lot it all depends on your imagination and skills these fantasies to realize. As one famous man, answering the question how he manages to make such amazing sculptures — “I cut off all unnecessary.” These wonderful words can be fit to the action live strategy, which in any case should not make unnecessary movement without a clear understanding of what he is doing and why. Otherwise, it may cause him irreparable financial harm.

Conclusion on live bets on tennis or “Ministry of health” warning!!!

The ability to react quickly to changes in the betting lines and understanding the key moment when you can make a profitable bet often worked through the years. There are two ways in which you can come to the ability to put the tennis live. The first method is quick. It’s called “trial and error”, often leading to disastrous results, indigestion, scandals in the family and other life troubles. The second, which recommends that our website is a method of moderate rates, which in the worst case, can be a patina of sadness from lost dreams.

Where to bet on live tennis

Tennis is on advanced roles in the world of sports. With the exception of winter break, something always goes, but unlike football is mediocre companies don’t always pay tennis rates, due attention. We recommend you to select leaders such as Leonbets or 1xbet which lines a large selection of events and murals. Rate their tennis right now and good luck with the bidding!

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