Interesting facts from the world of sports betting

Interesting facts from the world of sports betting

Sports betting is not dry and monotonous activity, sharpened by the profit. In the gaming industry very often there are interesting events. Sometimes bookmakers offer their players fantastic betting is not sports-related. The amazing thing is that such bets sometimes win. About the most unusual wins in the BC, as well as other interesting facts from the world of sports betting, read our article.

1. The recognized global leader betting business is United Kingdom. First bookmakers appeared here in the 19th century, and now the annual turnover of the business exceeds 14 billion pounds. In England has the largest number of betting shops. The majority of British prefer to bet on Christmas eve. The most popular bet on what the weather will do on the first day of the holidays. And only then the subjects of the United Kingdom make bets on Boxing day.

2. One of the largest payments at a rate in the history of bookmaking took place in 1994. The winner Laluska tote were paid 2.9 million British pounds. If you try to translate this amount into modern monetary terms, it will grow several times. In Russia, too, was big jackpots, but players remained serious doubts about the truth of their hoax.

3. Before the beginning of the third Millennium, bookies began taking bets on the end of the world. Talking about this went a lot, so there were many enthusiasts interested in a bet on such event. English bookmakers took bets on the fact that Christmas 2000 will be the last for mankind, chances are 1 in 10 million. But it is not clear who will be responsible for calculating rates and how the winner will spend the winning.

4. When the family of the famous football player, former captain of English national team David Beckham’s son was born, the reaction of the bookmakers do not have to wait long. The office began to offer a bet on the fact that Brooklyn Beckham follow in the footsteps of his father and play for England. Bets were taken with a factor of 1000. Brooklyn had turned 15 years and even basic steps in football, he did not. So a bet on his participation in the match of the national team seems doomed.

5. English bookmakers, has never been lack of creativity and imagination. A lot of the rates they offered on the secular life of stars. So, one of the most famous bet was about Michael and Janet Jackson. Due to the fact that the famous brother and sister never appear together at public events, bookmakers jokingly suggested that Michael and Janet were one and the same person. Bets were offered with a factor of 500.

Not spared by the bookies and the famous American pop diva Britney Spears. When she was at the peak of popularity in the betting community, and began to offer betting on the fact that Spears will get pregnant within a calendar year. The odds were 1: 25.

6. The insane rate in history is considered to be betting that an unidentified flying object shot down to the king of pop Elvis Presley will fall in the lake inhabited by the Loch Ness monster. And this fall, as planned by the bookmakers, had become for the inhabitants of this lake is fatal. Rate this event a fantastic chances are 1 in 14 million.

Even higher odds of bookmakers estimated that David Edward Satch, known as Lord Satch, becomes Prime Minister of great Britain. The odds that batch of Satch “Official monstrous crazy crazy party” will win the elections of 1996, in England, amounted to 15 million.

7. One of the most creative wins at the bookmaker is winning Norwegian fan Thomas Syverson put that Luis Suarez during the match Italy – Uruguay, sure someone will bite. After the leader of “Barcelona” has bitten defender Giorgio Chielini, the rate of Severson 32 of the crown were multiplied by a factor of 175, and the final payout was $ 5600 CZK.

8. Potresaushi win in the history of sports betting may be called the triumph of Nicholas Newlife. In 2003, the British predicted that Roger Federer will become a seven-time winner of Wimbledon, and he suggested that the bookies bet. They took the bet to 1500 pounds with a factor of 66. At that time, on account of the Swiss tennis player was listed only one victory in the tournament, but in 2012, Roger won his seventh trophy of the English courts. The bookie who took the bet is immediately paid winnings. Only here he went to the relatives of Newlife, as in 2012 he himself was no longer alive.

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