Humorous rules bookmakers

Humor. Rules bookmakers

Who owns the information, owns the world! Perhaps you never read the rules of bookmaker offices and don’t want to spend their time. In vain! In a “perfect” day, there may be something unimaginable. If their dreams have come true, some rules of acceptance of bets and payment of money would look like.

1. Client’s rights:

a) you can put according to our rules

b) you can Fund your account as you like and for any amount, but withdraw money only once a year

2. The rights of bookie:

a) we are always right

b) we change the odds at any time, including after the bet was placed

C) we will cancel your winning if it’s too big or we are so going to want

g) we do not guarantee the timely payment of — say thank you, if we do pay

3. Payments and deposits:

a) rate in live mode will only be accepted until the start of the match

b) the basis for payment of winnings are the results from our website and no “UEFI” we are not the law

C) if the event did not take place, the bet is lost

d) if we accept WebMoney, this does not mean that we paid

d) if you put money into the account, and they did not come, so we opted to save time, because we believe that you will somehow lose

4. Controversial moments:

a) if disputes arise, they are resolved in our favor

b) if we do not wish you to explain the reasons for our actions, see “our rights”, paragraph a)

C) if we offer bonuses, this does not mean that it can be cashed out

d) if we made a mistake in the ratios, to pay for our mistakes will you

d) if you make a mistake in betting, we are not interested

e) if you have not received a prize (no money on your account ), see “payments and deposits”, paragraph d)

5. Final provisions:

a) if these rules are not available for viewing, this does not mean that they are not

b) if you don’t know where to find them, we are not interested

C) if we suspect you are in breach of the rules, then all your money from the gaming account will automatically switch to our full management, without the right of return

g) if the rules does not say any item, it does not mean that it does not need to comply with

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