Humorous conversation from beginners to advanced

Humor. The conversation of beginner and professional

Life story about how quickly the past is forgotten. The one who only yesterday was a beginner, using every opportunity to boast of new knowledge, even if they do not end up they did not understand.

So, Yuri (formerly “Beton-betonowych”, now “Professor”) went to visit his friend “sure thing” (in the world Nikolai). As usual, the conversation among the guys in alphabetical order, but now they look at sports betting from different angles and absolutely each other do not understand.

Professor: and you’re looking for bunkers, ignorant?

A sure thing: what do you care?

Professor (important): the betting — lesson for professionals!

A slam dunk: be…what?

Professor (even more important): slam dunks in betting does not exist, read the theory!

Sure thing: generally crazy with their theories? Will be set?

Professor: gambling is not involved. Bookmakers just waiting to you would like to put any trash.

Sure thing: Lord, have you forgotten how a human being to talk to?

Professor: no!

Sure thing: you’re a fool, Eureka!

Professor: if I were a fool, it still be looking for a concrete and were like you — loser! Sure thing: Holy smoke, what did you call me?

Professor: life term “loser”, explain: do you think that betting is a game, but actually it is not. I sell you my predictions, you’ll win

A sure thing: a crook! Yes I did you know how many forecasts can sell — even for the rest of the line!

Professor: I know. Only your bunkers useless, but my knowledge is power!

The sure thing (laughs): knowledge? Though I can’t tell, we’re in Honduras set

Professor (proudly): what? I am now a professional bettor!

Cert: yo-Ho-Ho) to prove it!

Professor: how?

A slam dunk: who the Professor: me or you? He came up with the “how”!

Professor: all right.

Says jagged phrase on the rates

Sure thing: dashing! But I did not understand.

Professor: can help you become a Pro. Consultation $ 10

A slam dunk: we’re friends!

Professor: but business is business!

The banker: well, a crook.

Professor: great. Remember two things: put all the money you can not, you need to put on the strategy.

Sure thing: okay, what is your strategy?

Professor: variable flat. That I designed!

Sure thing: clearly, what’s the point?

Professor: decide on how much to bet

A slam dunk (with doubt): we used to play like that…

Professor: listen and learn! Previously not considered. Now let’s put. Open the statistics and look for trends!

Cert: statistics? What’s that? Trends? What is it like?

Professor: are you really dark?

Sure thing: so, if you do not explain, do not give 10 bucks

Professor: you are a unique person, I told you in Russian said it all

Sure thing: nerd, you said it in Russian, but I did not understand. What do we do?

Professor: the sideways play on the shaft.

A sure thing: a philosopher, damn it! Are you kidding me?

Professor: shut up, I’ll tell you.

Says jagged phrase on the strategy of “flat” and “value betting”

The sure thing (indignantly): Gypsies and the more honest than you! This is nonsense! What I have to put 2 rubles if I have weaving, but still bother by some estimates?

Professor: Chukchi you, nick. It’s science! Honest business from a professional

A sure thing: an honest business from whom? Yes, I abruptly you pros may be in bets, ugh, batanga!

Professor: you are a schoolboy, not a Pro!

Cert: student yet!!! I myself can such consultations to give all or projections to push for the money!

Professor: schaz-z. Here you need experience and talent, as I have.

The sure thing (boastfully): shield days — I’ll be the most professional of professionals in the profession! Okay?

Professor: Okay-okay, you got me, I’m going. We’ll talk some more then

A slam dunk (to herself): I’ll be super bathorom, ugh, kapiram…or like he’s saying they are? Okay, I’m going to teach theory.

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