Humor. The bookmaker and the client

Humor. The bookmaker and the client

The temptation to put a large factor so strong that it often overcomes common sense. If someone still think that betting on sport in little-known firms is a profitable exercise, then read c the assumed case, for readability, encapsulated in the form of plays.


kid_ok: Manager office “Buddka”

lop_ushok: the only client of this office who wants to get your winnings

naf_ig: Director, it — the owner, person of Caucasian nationality

Excerpts from Internet correspondence and telephone conversations:

from: to:

Good afternoon, dear administration office “Buddka”! There was a misunderstanding: yesterday I put you two bets to win real live. A factor of 10, an amount of approximately 10 thousand rubles, end the match 6-1. Rate still not designed take action, no money, need a very. kid_ok: Hello, NAVIGON Romanovich? There are some crazy set we bet on football and wants to win

naf_ig: set? We? Are you drunk sitting there?

kid_ok: no, he really put: KEF 10…for real…

naf_ig: what idiot gave a 10 for real?

kid_ok: uh-uh, that’s you. After a case of beer you said otherwise mugs will not entice

naf_ig: so, in short, culturally went for it! Dear player, unfortunately you have not put in our office, therefore we are not responsible for your winnings. Contact other bookmakers, most likely you made a bet with them. Yeah, you stunned? What “other”? Yes, in your Box I put, sure! Send you screenshots of bets, accounts and official result of the match. Give me the money.

kid_ok: Hello, NAVIGON Romanovich??Then that asshole screenshots sent…with the results. Money probably need to give

naf_ig: give me my pay, okay? Or write that the rate is not

played, as it is the other was real…

kid_ok: what other real life?

naf_ig: handball, damn it! That’s up to you! Dear player, sorry, we meant the other match, your bet is lost. The eighth match of the Amateur League handball between “real” and Makhachkala “Partizan” Minsk ended with the score 6-50. What a Scam? What Makhachkala? What handball??? you should have warned about, what kind of match you mean! Dear player, let me remind you the rules of our Booth: item 1128, part 65: “the Booth is not obligated to inform players about what games mean in the line” item 2239, part 76: “Booth — an independent organization that is guided only by their match results” paragraph: 6666, part 13: “All the contentious issues are always solved in favor of Booth”

kid_ok: Hello, NAVIGON Romanovich?? I got rid of it

naf_ig: finally. Someone else set?

kid_ok: no, he was our only client…now no one will sign up…

naf_ig: then turn nafig our Booth, opening a new office! IDI lepi site on free designer. The Name “Lavochka”.

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