How to win at the bookmaker – ways and tips for beginners

How to win at the bookmaker? Ways tips for new players

Even after a series of matched results, only one loss, so the gambler was to blame for my failure all around. Of course, his bad luck and, sometimes, basic inability to make a bet with maximum odds of winning in the first place will blame the wily bookmaker, athletes and even the Internet service provider, which the hapless bat did not have time to change or correct the bid.

But in most cases it is enough just to understand their approach to cooperate with bookmakers. And try to use certain tips from the more experienced hitters. In this article the beginners can get acquainted with the basic rules of betting on sporting events, thanks to which you can not only save your start-up capital, but rather to quickly increase, increasing the amount of winnings.

How to begin acquaintance with the strategy of “smart” bets?

In the first stage, beginners will not prevent to calculate their initial success. This is done very simply. Note the size of its initial capital. For example, it will be one thousand roubles. Now mark the period of time over which you will make twenty bets of equal size (for example, fifty rubles) for the various sport events with odds from 2.0 to 2.5. And try to bet only on those matches and duels, the outcome of which you are absolutely sure.

His results record in a notebook or a specially crafted file on the computer. If after your chosen period you will be able to increase its capital to at least twenty to thirty percent, so, you have (consciously or not) have learned to seek out the appropriate bet and is able to calculate a number of weaknesses in the line of the bookmaker. You only have to perform those same twenty rates to determine where you could obtain the most profit, and where lost. And to draw the right conclusions. Just develop your potential, and you will be fine!

If you were in the red, consider carefully whether to continue to give the bookies your hard earned.

Remember a few simple rules and methods to successful betting

If you decide to keep betting, keep in mind that the betting on sporting events much like gambling. And try to use the basic rules outlined below:

1. Bet only on those sports in which you thoroughly understand.

2. Be sure to use the statistics and analyze as much information about the upcoming game or other event which is going to put even the most modest amount of money.

3. Don’t forget to record all your successful and failed transactions, to, from time to time to examine their results and to draw certain conclusions.

4. After another loss not to succumb to emotions and then lightly betting, forgetting about the first and second rules.

5. Do not try to raise rates after one or more losses as quickly as possible to return unused money. So you will only aggravate their situation and increase the chance for the loss of just remaining at your disposal capital.

6. You should not put all their savings even the absolute “slam dunks”. After all, even the most hopeless outsider it is sometimes possible to beat the strongest of the favorites in the match, which for the underdog all felt hopeless. Sport is the same as gambling where you can always expect an unpredictable result.

What else should I know?

As you can see, these rules are very simple. Just always keep in control of your emotions and don’t let yourself under their action to commit rash acts. If you treat people impulsive, but still want to keep betting even after a protracted series of losses, it makes sense to use an interesting option, which is practically in all large firms.

It is often called “Responsible gambling”. It works as follows. You can include restrictions on deposits, while setting a validity period of such a “ban” and putting the amount you can put into your account. This will avoid losing all your savings in case of a long losing series.

How to relate to other strategies?

In the world of betting there are thousands of tactics and schemes, which, as many believe, you can earn almost millions. Yes, such strategies don’t make the stupid and sin not to use the experience and knowledge of other batters. But you should think with your head and try to develop your own best plan transactions. The only way you can consistently win.

And again about “the forks”

Many have called the betting “spread” of the ideal and win-win strategy. To some extent, it is. But betting on opposite outcomes of the same events in many offices banned (your account can permanently block), and earn a large sum in this way is unlikely to succeed, if you do not have a large amount of money. After all, profit is 1-5% of the bet amount.

So sometimes it is not necessary to spend your time searching for the “plugs” – to better focus on fair play and earn in the same period, much more money thanks to their own knowledge and ability to learn from their own mistakes.

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