How to use popular bets: unexpected advice of professional players

How to use popular bets: unexpected advice of professional players

Как правильно использовать популярные ставки: неожиданный совет профессиональных игроковOn almost any website bookmakers can stumble, as a rule, in a prominent place on something like “most popular bets”. Like it’s great until you think about it, but what’s the point for the office? It is plus when the minus players — why, then, do tips, advising some of the top matches? And why do the bookies not burned? So, how is formed this the top?

Experienced players recognize that such information may be useful. After all, it is traditionally indicate the most popular bets of the day. Just under this you need to understand the matches, which during the day the maximum number of bets, with the caveat that this is in absolute terms and without specifying the outcome. That is, can supply a thousand of bets a few dollars on the first team, and hundreds of rates, but large on the second. For professional players, namely such, as a rule, operate on large amounts favorite is the second, but the top will add the bet to win the first quantitative criterion.

You need to remember that “popular” does not automatically mean the rate is such that raises the most money. Moreover, we are the bookmaker never reveal data about cash flows. And only change lines we can make some guesses about some of the financial trends.

The bookmakers recognize that only 2 percent of those that plays on betting, eventually over a long period (this is a 3 year / 3 thousand bets), remains in positive territory. And even a growth of 1 percent to the starting Bank is taken into account. Experts notice that the most negative balance and creates and/or uses popular bets.

Moreover, calculations show that the top rates around 40 percent of cases eventually lose. Recall that the average coefficient is about 1.4. That is, in mathematics, this is supposed to use about 70% of the bets. That is, an event at this end of the line overrated event, the rates which understate the ratio. But in offices all balanced, and that means on the other end is an underrated event, but because the rate will be especially valuable. Of course, there is the probability of “entering” is not always high, but the distortion ratio is observed. Realizing this, experienced players always try to perform them.

There are still a few tips from experienced players. First, they categorically do not advise to use a “top-rate” in the Express. But from-for low factor they are often there and stick. And, given the above failure rate, almost inevitably multi-rate “burns up”, enriching the bookie. But this can make placing bets: if two consecutive “popular” played — next it is advisable to put on the opposite outcome. Yes, it does not guarantee success — but “the opposite” factors are huge, so that in the end will be a plus, though not on the first try.

It is desirable to have the service of tracking rates. Sectret is that sometimes bookmakers are waiting for the “misfire Favorita,” and, despite the large number of betting, keep winning Grand factor, not reducing, in the hope to collect more money. An experienced player at least analyze — why can the opposite happen? It is also desirable to study the preferences of experienced players on the forums, checking what they are going to put. Of course, this does not guarantee one hundred percent success. But will increase the chances of it.


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