How to recognize dogovornyak in sport

How to recognize dogovornyak in sports

Как распознать договорняки в спортеMany players betting on sports sometimes choose fights, not just football, where there are exclusively unknown clubs, and to do this in any case can not be otherwise possible to remain without a Bank, and not understanding why it was lost.

Still, the fact dogovornjakah in sports there is, and this is no secret. Another issue is the system of their appearance, still at the highest level they can and not happen, especially today when there is such total control by the regulatory authorities.

Anyone interested in this? Yet even the experts are difficult to answer, but the link between bookmakers and commands are not exactly traced. First have no interest, because in any case you will get any profit and lose in this respect, paying bonuses, clearly predicted the result they want.

The most common scheme of match-fixing is a sudden loss of concentration on the football team, for example, the rate of defeat is much more profitable bets to win. The team can hold out in defence to 76 minutes, keeping the minimum possible score, and then on the fly tote quotes on the outcome of the TB is 3.5 and she still misses a few balls, and this provides the desired result.

To avoid having to constantly replenish the pot is carefully chosen games, nevertheless the manifestation of dogovornyak was seen not only in football. Boxing table tennis is also often regarded with suspicion, and in many ways the desired result are trying to ensure their athletes.

In General, it is important to recognize, and try as much as possible to prepare yourself for the upcoming match, because theoretically any motivated club will be playing honestly and will not agree to such a dark scheme.

On the other hand if there is a match of free sports picks and the player himself does not own the required information, it is best to decline to bet, even if the sweepstakes offered a tempting factor.

Of course, most of the teams and competitors are set up on an honest result, but if there is no exact information about the mood in the team of the best players decline to bet, in fact a lack of motivation – it is a variant of the Treaty fight, and the most common is not paying salaries, which of course is not uncommon.


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