How to perform website sales forecasts or dogs.

How to perform website sales forecasts or dogs

We do not hide his extremely skeptical attitude towards the possibility to enter Paradise on the backs, one of the options which purchase predictions or information about match-fixing. In our view, about 100 percent of the specified selling is a different kind of crooks, cheaters, insecure people and enterprising people, who have realized that to put himself profitable, Pinocchio and Golden enough. Here is their something and it is a pity, therefore this article.

Suppose you believe in fairy tales, magic and it’s great, but hardly anyone will argue that so much sellers, as is, cannot be really successful forecasters or know dogovornjakah.

I hope you understand all that the seller wrote on the website, can somehow be adjusted and even if someone is watching then they have such a feature as a pass sending you (all) match, under the pretext of searching reseller. Missed this match, is always to be extremely successful and significantly improves the statistics.

Try to become Sherlock Holmes or even Dr. Watson, and to critically analyse the website of a seller who has had on you, and magic, inspired confidence in their tales.

So, all you need to do is to use search (Yandex + Googol) and drive there:

1) name of the seller, is there any data confirming the identity, well, at least the photocopy of the passport whose data can be checked on

2) all his / her contact details

3) number of purses, bills, cards for payments. Please note on the certificate. If it is personal, it means the person has passed the notary test, business level (BL) claims.

4) look for reviews for site name

Additionally see:

5) reviews on “WebMoney Advisor”

6) if not on free hosting website like this means that the owner was not a few dollars. If a site paid like view the date of registration of the website and email service, check out where is still found the found email

7) is on the site all the left is, looks like it’s on a beautiful site, but rather a successful online store expensive goods.

8) check lists were throwing

After this work need not to turn off the brain and match all found. Likely to be discovered inconsistencies in the stories, other sites, including abandoned and the like. The fact that such projects don’t live very long and their authors constantly do restarts. More experienced immediately advertise several sites to from the closing of one business is not disrupted.

So for example let’s look at the points one of the many website

1) nothing!

2) and that’s all! Hammered into Google and find that recently there was ICQ: 558376897 and WMID: 354548093043

3) Data on the website WebMoney look so See that the personal certificate (issued August 24, 2011) no complaints, BL=35. It’s pretty good.

4) feedback and no references that can attest to the fact that there are no buyers, which confirms the absence of positive feedback on the certificate (see Above) for which the author of the site offers 3 bucks.

5) no

6) 2011.04.15 — more nowhere to be seen

7) a cheap template design, the author did not bother anything, neither statistics nor any “Samorodov” on the website, no.

8) no

Conclusions: anonymous, fresh, and absolutely unpopular resource, waiting for a fish to bite on an empty hook. Want to be try? And it doesn’t work anymore (on this site 🙂

Similarly you can perform yourself any other site.

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