How to open a betting shop?

How to open a betting shop?

Many fans are betting at least once wondered how to open a betting shop. Indeed, instead of to risk their money for receiving a prize, you can just begin to accept them. Plus, there is a myth that bookmakers earn fabulous money, and the betting business is one of the most cost-effective. But a desire to start a business, as you know, is not enough. In order to start a business, particularly betting, you need to exert a lot of effort. Which — see our article.

The procedure for opening a bookmaker

Sports betting, unlike other gambling games, retained their privileged position and were not reported in the special gambling zones. However, the procedure of opening a legal bookmaker in Russia is particularly complex and the formalism. Especially complicated process of obtaining a license to open a bookmaker after being introduced in 2010, amendments to the legislation.

The applicant for a license submits an application to the Federal tax service. However, on a number of requirements for applicants. First of all, the presence of 1 billion of available funds, although until 2010 the amount of capital was only 100 million. In addition, you must provide information about the sources of origin of the share capital, which, by the way, should be 100 million and the availability of irrevocable Bank guarantee of execution of obligations to the participants in the amount of 0.5 billion rubles. Also wishes to obtain a license must document that it has no uncancelled and outstanding conviction. Such requirements are created with the aim to ensure the protection of players register, BK. In General, few can master even a part of these requirements.

Inscribing in the existing license

Meanwhile, the legislation of the Russian Federation provides another way to open a bookmaker, namely, inscribing in the existing license. This procedure represents a partnership between you and the licensee, who may be placed legally.

As of 2014, in Russia there are 27 licensees, but not all of them provide the option of entering your item of reception of rates in your license. All companies working in this segment of the market, offer similar terms of cooperation: the entry fee is on average 150 thousand rubles. The applicant for opening of own points can be a legal entity registered in the form of LTD and individual entrepreneur, i.e. natural person. Naturally, the applicant must have premises that comply with legislative requirements. In addition to the lump-sum payment of 150 thousand rubles, the applicant will have to pay the monthly payments for the provision of equipment, including line bets. Note that the equipment need not be provided to you by the licensee. you can find any other acceptable alternative in the betting market.

At the time this procedure is open a bookmakers will take at least 2-3 months. The first month usually spent on the preparatory processes associated with the selection of premises for lease the software and, accordingly, the licensee. After this stage the licensee at chosen premises its separate subdivision, which is directly or you or your authorized representative will be the Director. Notice that a Director is not the owner, but only the person that carries out administrative functions within the organization. That is, even at this stage, you assume certain risks, after all, a separate division is the property of your licensee, which can not always be fair to you. At least, no legal guarantees for this, the licensee in fact sells you their terms of agreement. Legal registration of a separate division, as well as preparation of necessary documents — is ideally another 1-1. 5 months.

Return business and other information

One should not Harbor any illusions about payback betting business. As in other aspects of business, this activity is done at your own risk. The minimum payback period of your betting shops — 1 year (if it will come across the players who constantly win, but it happens). Depending on the terrain of your room and the quality of your staff, this period may increase.

It is important to remember that besides a one-time payment to the licensee of rent, there are costs to it equipment. In order to access decent BC, it is necessary to set up multiple monitors for displaying live betting and results online, printer for printing lines, modern computer. It will be perfect to set a TV and a satellite dish in order to betting fans had the opportunity to watch live broadcasts of matches.

In addition, you need to keep in mind that there are at least 5 mandatory articles monthly expenses, including rent, salary of employees, utility bills, payment software, Internet, taxes, legal and accounting support. If you are an individual entrepreneur, in accordance with the Federal law “On accounting” you can do this activity independently, without the involvement of an accountant.

For the formation of the customer base, your sports book will be a vital advertising. Do not forget that to protect your property & employees — it would be appropriate to get protection.

Some conclusions on the opening of the bookmaker

Open Sportsbook is the desire of many fans of betting, but to realize a cherished dream, it is sometimes extremely difficult. First and foremost, the key issue here is the payback. Various sources say 10% or even 20% payback betting business, but it is hardly possible to determine specific figures. Still, too much depends on the quality of services provided; road space; the city in which you open a bookmaker. Plus, at the opening of betting shops on the basis of an agreement with the licensee — there are many pitfalls. For example, part of the profit will climb for the provision of software. In addition, there are no legal guarantees that protect you, and the point of reception of rates — a separate division of your licensee. If to speak directly about receiving their licenses for large-scale conduct betting business, then, you know, to make it virtually impossible. Therefore, you should not have any illusions about the activities of bookmakers. Much better to quietly do his favorite thing.

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