How to make Live sports betting: football, tennis, hockey

Live sports betting – what are and how to do them

One of directions of activity of bookmaker offices is the organization of Live bets, i.e. directly during the meeting. According to statistics, tried to make these types of bets all players, while about 80% use them relatively regularly. At the same time, this applies mainly to large bookmakers are able to offer our clients a wide choice of available events.

Controversial perspective

It should be noted that Live betting are among the most controversial from the point of view of the effectiveness of the game in the sweepstakes. There is no denying that this game is dynamic, and is very interesting for the player, and some can do well to increase your Bank on such bets. But for the most part, this is especially true for beginners, they will lose.

The main reasons for this are two. During a match over the course of the meeting should not only the player, but the analyst bookmakers, changing odds based on what he saw on the screen and is used for calculations special equipment. Given his experience, the average fan of betting the chances of success in a lightning fast paced environment virtually no.

There is a second reason, very often the bookmaker artificially lowers the odds offered. For example, the player tries to bet at odds of 1.8, but when taking the system notifies about the reduction of the coefficient to 1.75. As a result, players often agree to losing conditions.


Selection of the bookmaker with the best Live line coefficients

At the organization of Live-betting selection of bookmaker for the game is even more important than normal rates. To the conventional criteria of reliability and attractiveness of the coefficients requires a good line of Live events that offer a significant number of available matches, and the availability of a mobile version of the tote that will help you to stay in the game at any time regardless of the location of the person.

Some players are trying to find the office where analysts often make mistakes and offer inflated odds. However, it’s a waste of time, as a large number of errors does not allow for one, and the apparent “mistakes” of the BC will return at the rate of return coefficient of 1.


An illustrative example – how to do Live betting



Strategy game in live

Overall, no fundamental differences from the usual game sports betting Live betting there. As usual, it is necessary to study the participants in the events, not to risk gaming wallet to use this strategy, and so on.

If possible, you should use a videothat allow you to more fully understand the situation in the match and predict the further development of events.

During the game you should not resort to the stereotypes that the leader always wins. There are many examples when the favorite loses. Besides, the bookies often underestimate the odds on clear leaders, which does not allow to count on success in the long run.

A win-win option are the plugs, but use them in Live betting is not possible. The update rate is such that people do not have time to manually check multiple websites looking for the right ratio.

In the result we can say that in Live betting there is no scheme of action, providing 100% profit. Focus is on basic strategies, and develop their own skills.

The results

Dlish in order to make a successful bet in the online mode the player is required to follow a few simple rules:

  • Examine in advance of rivals
  • To monitor the situation during the game
  • To abandon the game at low rates
  • To sustain the chosen strategy
  • To unsubscribe from unnecessary risk

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