How to investigate football team

How to investigate football team

Как исследовать форму футбольной командыToday, bookmakers offer a broad range of chances to earn a lot of money on football matches. For example, a match where the hosts that occupies 8 place in the championship meet, which occupies the 15th place ranking, is evaluated in favor of the hosts as 4 to 1, which indicates a strong preference of the bookmakers in favor of the hosts. But such coefficients do not reflect the true picture of the possible outcomes of a football match, and therefore always have to examine their own team and more depth.

In order to correctly put a bet on a football match, you need to find a “point of reference” and to assume certain result. But before you make the right choice, you should spend some time and conduct some research. First of all you need to study the statistics of matches of both groups in detail to track dependencies and games to fully understand in what form are the teams. The problem is that statistics do not always provide a complete and truthful picture of what is happening that can mask the reasons for the apparent slump in form. As in horse racing, where horses racing on unsuitable surfaces and are the wrong distance or be less successful, wavy track, and soccer team, recently played against strong opponents, surviving the loss of a large number of injured players or condemned next controversial referee’s decisions. A deeper study can show that the form of the teams does not like showing this to the bookies.

A good practice to start any research is regularly reviewing not only matches, but also analytical programs about the championship and European matches. Also useful for providing a comprehensive analysis of diverse forms of football analysis, especially from well-known commentators. Remember that commentators, as a rule, it takes some time to prepare, and from time to time, they can shed light on the causes of changes in the effectiveness of teams. Usually the commentators are aware of the fact that a key player plans to return next week, or the disqualification will take effect from the next match. Be sure to take note of these small but sometimes valuable pieces of information.

Most football clubs now has a fairly diverse websites, which publishes the latest news, analysis and announcements, and the modern development of the Internet resources with the translation of these articles and understanding of information, as a rule, problems do not arise. It should also be emphasized that the sites of fans or informal teams sites are a valuable source of tips, where you can often understand the implications for the team from the latest news.

Another useful tool for analysis – publication of a local newspaper for a specific command. Not only is there usually more in-depth coverage of information and analysis, but also comments of experts under each column, which can provide additional hidden information treasures. Local news can give publicity to certain unfavorable aspects of life of some of the players on the team that can seriously affect the form in the next match, especially where teamwork of the club will affect the result. There may also be information about significant changes of staff which is not usually mentioned in the mainstream media or interviews with the head coach of the team, but it could indicate deliberate change in tactics.

This, of course, will help the study of the causes underlying the stay of the team in one way or another, and will not take the statistics at face value. The result of negligible spending time studying the form of the command can result in very generous reward. In any case, the bookies definitely not that much time to analyze all events in a row. And that is to use, for example, in the upcoming match “Southampton” – “Burnley”.


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