How to figure out odds

How to understand the odds

Как разобраться в форахMany football matches have a particularly pronounced leaders which is not always possible to impose a resistance, and the outcome is obvious, except that the bid does not bring the desired effect, which is not even interesting to watch selected sporting event.

But the intrigue for the match can be returned if on the website of the bookmaker carefully review proposals for the Fort, because they become a passport to prizes.

Very thoroughly and steadfastly is always looked fora 0, bet in which the player has chances to return, but only if his team will finish the match in a draw, but in winning the team prize will be paid in full.

In other cases, it is necessary to understand that the offer of the bookmaker outcome handicap -1 for the match the first team and when the final result of 1-0, the player also receives a return, in other words, the superiority must be greater than the proposal itself. But if the player chooses for the first club handicap of +1, then we will be able to win something, depending on the ratio and here the player will get the prize, even in the case of a tie, as conventionally his club scored one goal more. And only when you defeat team 0-2 will be counted loss.

For the experienced punters bet on odds is a great alternative, but it is not always necessary to trust to that offered by the bookmaker. To extract information you need from different sources, quite often in the free forecasts for football the experts even offer a bet on the outcome handicap -4.

In General, a careful study of the possibilities of the clubs will save you from risky developments in the future, it is very important keep in mind that clubs have the chances to win.

For example, some outcomes:

Chelsea – Arsenal 1-1

Handicap Chelsea +1, +2, +3, etc. WIN

Handicap Chelsea or Arsenal RETURN 0

Handicaps Arsenal -1, -2, -3, etc. LOSS

Chelsea – Arsenal 1-0

Handicap Chelsea 0, +1, etc. WIN

HANDICAP Chelsea -1 Arsenal +1 RETURN

Handicap Arsenal 0, -1, etc. LOSS

Chelsea – Arsenal 1-3

Handicap Chelsea 0, +1, +1.5 LOSS

Handicap Chelsea +2, Arsenal -2 RETURN

Handicap Arsenal 0, -1, -1,5 WIN

The rest of what is needed to win, the bettors will find themselves, but it is unlikely they will neglect free forecasts for football matches. That’s where players will be able to find quite risky, but quite passable proposal by which they will be able to significantly increase your Bank.


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