How to bet on Rugby

How to bet on Rugby

Как ставить на регбиMany people know that Rugby once was with football single game. Only half a century ago, shared this popular British pastime into two separate sport… in Fact, for many people, this knowledge of Rugby and is limited — we have almost no play. But in vain — betting fans respect the sport for what it stiffness is associated with uncompromising quality.

Globally, the bookies are taking a lot of bets on Rugby. In many European countries (and not only) is one of the most popular national sports, which a lot of fans. But otherwise, if the matches are mostly intense, heated battle. And a chance at the highest payoff increases the number of fans.

Those who look up to Rugby a little more carefully, recognizes that this sport is quite simple and clear rules. The result is a dynamic, contact sport. Usually playing variations of the Rugby Union (15 15), where a lack of power points and collisions, but there is Rugby League (13), allowing to have more space for the game moves. Top events of the season, of course, there are world cups for both versions. But not much worse than the traditional Six Nations and clubs compete in the Heineken cap, a certain analogue of football League of Champions for 24 of the top teams from different European countries.

Simple and rules for the preparation of bids. The analysis, which in this case is, overall, typical of any team sports. The player before the forecast must study the physical form of the teams, particularly the leading players, the latest statistics, to look for relevant data about injuries and other unexpected factors. If possible, read the interview of the coaches (with the understanding that they should not always be interpreted “in a forehead”) and the calculations of independent experts. The fundamental rivalry that is typical of many tournaments, maybe especially to motivate players and maximize the emotional content of the match.

Bookmakers traditionally offer lines for Rugby are traditional bets, as the winner of the tournament, the outcome (here, too, can be a draw, by the way) and “handicap”. Interesting to play with the “margin,” that is, with the amount of points that separate the winners from the losers in a particular match. Also quite popular bets on the number of points scored by team in the match and the season. There is an analogue of bets on Goalscorers in football. Only in Rugby would have to guess that will make the first (or last) attempt (drift).


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