How to bet on jumps in water

How to bet on jumping into the water

Как делать ставки на прыжки в водуWe continue to explore specific types of bets. And after rowing like a dive, because our current theme is — diving and betting on them.

First of all, about this sport in General. Jumping can be done from the springboard or platform, with different heights. During the flight the athlete needs to do several actions acrobatic character, then as a cleaner to enter the water. It is evaluated by the officiating crew of 5-9 employees on a 10-point scale. Dropping 1-2 worst/best estimates, the rest are summed and multiply by the coefficient of difficulty of a particular jump.

Sport is, frankly, far from the popularity — at least when compared with the interest in the competition at its peak in the 19th century, especially in Central Europe, which appeared on the fashion pools. But still it is an Olympic view (8 different sets), with a fairly long season and a tournament grid until the world Cup so the bookies don’t leave the sport. Especially just to find bets on popular competitions such as the Grand Prix FINA World series and World Cup.

Typically, the types of bets depend on the type of event. Popular bets to win the tournament as a whole. Of course, nobody is insured from mistakes, but in this sport, as a rule, athletes are stable. You can also bet on the pass on rounds or getting to the top. Interesting, specific kind of betting is called the duel and it understands the dispute, one of the two finishes in the tournament above. Particularly experienced master trying to catch rates the total number of points.

Like everywhere else, needs the most careful analysis. It is clear that in synchronous jumps prevailing factor in the duration of work in tandem — the longer the cooperation, the exhaust action. In individual events, an important personality of the coach. He picks the program to, on the one hand, she was filled with tricks but on the other, is feasible. Important and motivation is no secret that the strongest on the outskirts of the finals quite often to hold back, speaking the maximum power. You should keep in mind and schedule of tournaments in which the athletes participate. Noticed that after the European Championships in the next stages of the World series the additional benefit received by the participants from the United States. Nothing, the Old world takes its toll after the pan American games. And, of course, always studied the previous statistics, including the venue, the shape of a specific athlete and if he had any injuries.

Experts notice that for a sport with relatively low popularity of diving has a trump card: more or less serious office actively take the bet at least 5 major tournaments. Not so difficult to find the statistics of performances, so there is a possibility to control the shape of the athletes, adjusting your next move in this market.


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