How to bet on Boxing — secrets of forecasting and analysis

How to bet on Boxing — secrets of forecasting and analysis

How to bet on Boxing — secrets of forecasting and analysis

Как делать ставки на бокс — секреты прогнозирования и анализаTo this kind of sport like Boxing, over the last decade, there has been another surge of interest. While many people become new fans of the technically and physically demanding sport, also observed a significant increase in the volume of bets on Boxing. However, not everyone understands how to bet on Boxing is more profitable and more interesting. Betting on Boxing is a very exciting event that still provides players the opportunity to make money on understanding of this sport, taking advantage of some features in the evaluation of opponents.

Features of bets on Boxing

Just like making any other predictions on sports, you need to understand the features below to learn how to place bets on Boxing. Most Boxing matches is the standard professional fights (10 three-minute rounds) or title fights (12 three-minute rounds). With the exception of Boxing at the Olympics (3 three-minute rounds).

A Boxing match can be completed in various ways:

Knockout (KO) – when one soldier falls and is not able to own up for ten seconds after the knockdown.

Technical knockout (TKO) referee stops the fight when one fighter can not continue fighting due to injury (dissection, damage, pain, etc.) caused by a blow or in connection with the decision of the opponent’s corner “threw in the towel” (means surrender of the battle).

Draw the decision on points (D) – the fighter wins on points counted for the fight’s three judges.

Technical decision (TD) – the outcome of the battle is decided on points after the injury.

Disqualification (DISQ) – one soldier disqualifiziert judges.

It should be noted that different regulatory bodies – the IBF, WBC, WBA and WBO have different interpretations of the permissibility TD. But in any case the bet is a boxer, winning by knockout, technical knockout or a draw. In addition, there are special offers for more high-profile fights such as the battle for the world title.

Research the world of Boxing is a key factor when learning how to bet on Boxing. In connection with the different weight categories of Boxing styles and anthropometry, it is important to know what is each fighter. It is necessary to explore the style of each fighter in defense and when attacking. If a boxer moves up a weight class or lower level in other weight this alone can tell you a lot.

In Boxing, the recent performances are much less significant than other factors in determining the winner of the battle – just because a boxer has an excellent track record, doesn’t mean he’s the perfect fighter. Conversely, even if the boxer loses a lot, it does not mean that it should be discarded. A good source of information is an indicator of how boxers are against a comparable opponent. Using results against opponents with similar styles, as they enjoy strong and weak points will enable you to get an idea about how the two fighters will fight against each other.

Personality of boxers and theatricality has always been a big part of Boxing. However, it is important to analyze the fight as a whole, not the event itself, when betting on Boxing. Also, as with any sport, pay attention to the signals and not noise. You should not be drawn into what the fighter is thinking about himself, or his legions of fans think of him. It is necessary to objectively analyze the fight and make their own conclusions, especially when it is seen that the bookmaker doesn’t know what to put.

Bet on Boxing — the main components of the forecast

The study of opponents.

In sports betting Analytics plays a big role. The quality and amount of information owned by the player to the bookmaker, directly affects the probability of winning. Before you bet on a Boxing match, you need to study the statistics of previous battles athletes. You need to pay attention to the modes of their training, motivation. The physical parameters of fighters play an important role. Weight boxers may decrease or increase. The coach and the entire team should also be high-level professionals.

The favorite of the match.

After you have collected and analyzed information on the eve of this match, you should look on the forums of public opinion, to understand who is the favorite of the meeting and what predictions do the other players. “Inside the kitchen” Boxing doesn’t have to know, nevertheless, you should understand that should be put on a more likely winner.

The betting rules.

Boxing today for most people is just a type of entertainment. Even for professional players Boxing matches considered difficult to predict, because the top fights are quite rare. Betting on Boxing you need only if you fully understand who and why put. If your bet is not played, it should be taken lightly. Put large amounts is required only if you are fully confident in victory. Must be put in the bookmaker, which offers the largest selection of games.

Rate doubling.

Just say that the question in this case is the simultaneous bet on the outcome of the battle (score) and its a winner. If you correctly predict the event or very close to the final result, a considerable gain is provided to you. Boxing is a dynamic sport, so you need to put with extreme caution. But if you are not a risky player, it is better to bet on the favorite.

In the United States know little about European boxers.

USA – the center of the world of professional Boxing. But lately their “place in the sun” begins to successfully conquer and European Boxing. Of course, the vast majority of top fights taking place in North America, and American citizens are actively buying paid broadcast, so U.S. residents often bet on Boxing. The Americans are well aware of their boxers-countrymen, but with the European boxers are familiar bad. Already a familiar phenomenon is the fact that boxers from Europe American bookmakers offer too high odds, thus, excessively believing in the victory of American Boxing, if a fight between representatives of different continents.

Modeling the progress of the match.

You need to know how to simulate the progress of the battle, what tactics the athlete chooses for the upcoming fight, what tasks are put before him. For boxers it is important not only to win, but to create a General impression of the bout, which will comprise experts and analysts. The more the applicant will hold rounds in the ring, the more chances he has to be invited to the fights for the championship belt in the future.


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