How to avoid cutting highs in BC

How to avoid cutting highs in BC

Bookmaking business, like any other business activity, sharpened by the profit. The main source of income is bookmakers margin, i.e. Commission from every single match. However, this applies to large firms, which just drives customers, not play against them. In small firms earn due to the failures of his players. Accordingly, it is easy to understand that the bookie is not interested in the success of the player. Sooner or later most firms, especially Russia, cut highs plus accounts of betterof. So, what you need to do to avoid cutting limits in BC?

Selection of the bookmaker

In order to avoid cuts highs to bet, you must correctly choose the betting house. Note the large bookmakers. First, many of them have unstained reputation and can not afford the blocking of accounts of successful users. Second, the turnover of these firms is so high that they are unlikely to notice a few big wins in a row in your account. It is also desirable to have accounts in multiple of BK. This is advantageous from the point of view of the magnitude of the coefficients and terms of cuts highs. Your profit will be distributed to several offices, which will allow you to reduce the risk of blocking.

No need to play on the camber line

Not always public opinion is right. Even the most typical of errors, which subsequently earn bookmakers. Therefore, if the winner hit ratio, several times think, and whether or not the favorite can win. The thing is that the adjustment coefficients is performed by the betting offices due to the presence of the plugs on the other CD. The systematic bets on the plugs there is a risk of cuts highs. Do not forget that bookmakers are working analysts who pay attention to the position of their colleagues. These people are able to quickly “cut” your account.

Do not place maximum bets

Very often, the security service of the bookmaker attract the players who make the maximum allowable rate. Better distribute the amount to bet on several bookies. If the player makes a few successful bets in a row with the maximum amount, then he falls under suspicion. Offline bookmakers in Russia and was obliged to report such rates to the competent authorities in order to check whether a match was negotiable. Therefore it is better to bid slightly lower than the maximum in order not to force the Agency to resort to action for the cuts limits.

The same can be said about betting on rare events. Even if you are perfectly versed in English football’s third division, show their worth in different bookmakers, so again, not to risk cutting the bills.

Should not frequently withdraw money

Frequent withdrawal of funds from the gaming account may arouse suspicion among bookmakers: you may suspect villanyi. Just “visocnik” we need to constantly reallocate their funds in order to put on a new plug, because of this he is constantly compelled to withdraw part of the funds from the account in BK. So try not to withdraw the money unnecessarily. The best option — 2-3 times a month.

Exchange — the alternative option to bet

You can bet not only bookmakers, but the betting exchanges. The thing is that the exchange charges a Commission on each winning bet and not taking the margin before beginning of the event. She’s even interested in the fact that you put maximum large. At the same time often use the betting exchange we recommend, as the variety of markets there is very poor and not the fact that the other player will bet on your odds. It’s just an alternative option for betting, which can be used from case to case.

Someone presents advice may seem trivial, but for beginners they are important. Problems with the cuts peaks arise primarily from domestic bookmakers. However, if you decided to use our office for your sports bets, consider the presented recommendations. They definitely will not harm your account. Using them, you are more likely to be able to avoid cuts in limits.

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