How the magic of a new stadium affect the result? (Part 2)

As magic of the new stadium affects the result? (Part 2)

Как магия нового стадиона влияет на результат? (Часть 2)The first part was considered as a new stadium can affect the team’s performance. It should be recognized that a new stadium still has an impact on the performance of the football team, which can refer to statistics. Sometimes it affects positively and sometimes negatively. That is why you should analyze in more detail another key factor, in addition to the financial aspect and changing the usual situation, which has no less influence on how the team starts to play at the new stadium.

Fans of “Leicester city” caused a small earthquake, when celebrating the winning goal in the season 2015/16 the Premier League. It is believed that the more fans and more noise, the better the results, but is it really? Numerous studies of HFA showed that do not have fans raise the level of play of the team. Instead, the researchers argue that the noise of the stadium and the attention of thousands of eyes increases testosterone levels, which may be associated with the basic sense of belonging to the territory. More fans and noise level may not directly affect the team, which recently moved to a new stadium, but they can contribute to the downfall of the game level guests and to influence the judges than the owners, in the end, can benefit. The crowd effect on the appearance of a card or free kick is crucial in football. Since the 1992/93 season in the Premier League, 1 158 penalty was awarded to the guest team and the home team 687 (more than 84% of which were not scored).

With the increasing presence of the corporate spirit in football there have been some changes in the fan movement. The increase in places does not necessarily affect the improvement of the atmosphere in the stadium. Stadium “Lui” – a glaring example. Monaco was “lucky” to be in the city where people go to football, as in the theater, but because only a handful of fans generates noise. Speaking of theatres. Chamber atmosphere at old Trafford is the norm, but the fans, “West ham” have criticized the “new” of their “colleagues” who prefer to sit and Munch popcorn, not to root for a team. Applicable measures almost doubled in the end, the “power” of noise at “Olympic stadium”, and they were able to recreate the atmosphere at “Upton Park.” When this emotional Spanish time to eat, and cheer, so even a really huge and really tiny stadium equally fantastic atmosphere.

Therefore, if a new stadium affects the team, it is only the first season or two, until the players get used to it, as no changes in the size of the field nor atmosphere, nor the cash impact has not increased and not diminished the talent those players who play on the field. However, these minor fluctuations in the mood of the team must be tracked individually and with the right adjustments to your betting strategy, you can count on big profits.


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