How the magic of a new stadium affect the result? (Part 1)

As magic of the new stadium affects the result? (Part 1)

Как магия нового стадиона влияет на результат? (Часть 1)“RB Leipzig” FC “nice”, “Leicester city” and “Spartacus.” What is common between them? At first glance the answer is obvious – the team is “jokers” are “shot” or in the past or in the current year, “suddenly” becoming the leaders of their Championships. But there is something else. what ties these clubs. All of them have relatively recently or more recently, a new stadium! How does a new stadium clubs, and whether or not in the nearest future the new “beauties” will affect the results and the coefficients and commands?

Of course the approach to this question should start with the fact that once the new stadium, then there are financial investments while invested the amount for which you can buy a new team in the building, and pay off very soon. Investors who put money in their clubs will demand from them the result and expect a certain return on investment. That is why all the projects of the clubs associated with new stadiums, initially, mean a great financial base in the club. However, neither “Leicester” or “Leipzig” as “nice” Spartak do not have the part, which cost hundreds of millions of euros. As the new arena affect the game of football teams?

One of the Central factors of home field advantage lies in the fact that a group of players works better in familiar surroundings. These players have a slight advantage in simulated combinations, and thus the team as a whole works better. Of course, when the football team is moving to a new stadium, they need to play some time to get acquainted with the new environment. Plus there are drastic changes in the aesthetics and new facilities such as locker rooms where the teams have to adjust to a new level, to adapt to a new pre-match routine. Although the new stadium, as a rule, modern, beautiful facility, familiarity of the players with their new environment may take time and affect their game.

The football team can make a decision about the type of playing surface that will be used. Hybrid coatings of type DESSO grass Master is now leaning the majority of clubs, and they can also change the size of your field. According to the regulations of the field can be of different sizes in England, for example, the field length may be from 90 to 120 meters long and from 45.5 to 90 meters wide. Arsenal played at Highbury (100 x 67) and moved to the “Emirates” (105 x 68), similarly moved, “West ham” from the “Upton Park” (100 x 64) at the “Olympic stadium” (105 x 68). However, “Spartak” and “nice” moved to the fields identical to those in which he played. However “Spartak” “the Locomotive” played in a field, which a meter shorter in length, however, the Luzhniki pitch was a meter in the meter as the new arena. But “the Foxes” moved to new conditions: “filbert Street” (100 x 69) replacing “king Power stadium” (101 x 67). So the tactics or the thrill of the field changes in the first case did not happen, and in the second led to a great series of victories at home. But does this mean that the rates in the bookmakers should be left unchanged, if the field remained unchanged? To do this, consider the second main factor of the new stadium, affecting the team in the second part of the article.


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