How not to lose on betting

How not to lose on betting

Most lose in betting in bookmakers, allowing you to exist in the industry. Someone just having fun, the other wants money, but hopeless, and you are reading this article, you will be able to work on them, because the General trends, reasons and the errors will cease to be secret in a few minutes.

Why losing in sports betting

  • chaotic, haphazard approach to the rates;
  • reckless faith in the favorite, based on his name rather than real readiness to match and motivation;
  • betting on unfamiliar Championships and sports;
  • the desire to recapture the loss immediately after the failure;
  • betting based on emotions – on favorite/disliked team player;
  • in the direction of care policies;
  • the fascination rates of the Express statistics is a way to give their money to a bookie;
  • the game at the bookmaker with a large margin and sub-optimal conditions for betting;
  • the inability to manage your Bank and psychological state.

The raccoon one knows how many lose at betting offices while repeating the same mistakes until you gain experience that allows you to avoid the pitfalls used by the bookmakers.

Tips that will help you to play sport bet

  1. Use betting strategy – they disciplinary and save from chaotic solutions, help maintain records and organize a bet. Strategies loss is an integral part of the way to win in the long run. The question “how to beat lost a bet” for the next strategy, does not arise.
  2. Avoid betting on sports and Championships that do not understand – even if you strongly want to, and explanatory of events in line no. How many times even experienced battery lost on night football (Icelandic, South American) after a convincing victory in the Champions League, not being able to keep your excitement and adrenaline in check!
  3. Pause (still no decent options), dedicating them to the analysis of previously made forecasts. Fever after a loss or win is not to successful betting.
  4. Long Express trains-locomotives are so rare that a single winnings in the office – accident. Combine 2-3 events for example the days when a lot of football, but most of the strategies in the BC quite knowingly based on betting a single bet as the bets from the evil one.
  5. Critical about betting spreads, expressed in coefficients in the line. Their shape not only analysts, but also the players blindly betting on favorites, lowering the ratio to a meager level.
  6. Choose the bookmaker with the best conditions for the game and prestige in the world of betting, such as Leon. You can use multiple accounts in BC, to be able to choose and compare the conditions.
  7. Put in the right mood – negative emotions have a habit to push aside the obviously incorrect decisions that lead to zero balance in the account.
  8. Use the system of insurance rates. How to block potentially losing the bet if you realize during the match that you were wrong? You can always spot her in live and minimize losses.

Even if you have lost – the answers how to recapture lost a bet should look for first and foremost in her analysis of the lessons for the future. Loss by accident – because of an error of the referee, a goal in the last minute, removing that seriously affected the outcome of a soccer match is not as critical as initially erroneous forecast.


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