How is calculated rate – European handicap

How is the bet European handicap

Как рассчитывается ставка – европейский гандикапMany players logging on to the website of the bookmaker not find the usual bet HANDICAP, but their attention is invited to the outcome of European or Asian handicap, which at first glance rather baffling.

Many people faced with difficulties want to leave, give go forward stronger and more skillful players in the betting and due to this they remain in the black.

European handicap for some players is considered to be a very difficult outcome, but if thoroughly understand, you can get in the bookmakers steady income.

Considering the battle of two football teams “A” and “B” tote can be offered the following number of outcomes. All considered not meaningful because of what it is possible to disassemble only the minimum quotes and the most common bookmakers.

Handicap -1 (A -1 factor of 5.5, a draw And -1 or B +1 – a 4.4 handicap team B +1 and 1.4) it means that when choosing the first outcome of the team And it is important to win with the superiority of 2 goals ie 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 and so on, if superiority will be minimal, that is, in one ball, then the player will be counted as a loss, unless he takes a step towards her win. This step can be done by putting the outcome involves a drawn result after addition or subtraction of proposed values, even if team B loses 2-1, and were selected in a draw, the bet will be settled as winning, even in the same case, when the match ends with a score of 2-2 or otherwise in the 0-1 away win or draw outcome. Will be clearly understood in the case when the last outcome will also be calculated, to win you need to play a draw, but the defeat, even the minimum will not allow the sweepstakes to get a prize.

European handicap is considered today as a head start, but often interpreted quite differently, hence the frequent losses which often benefit only the bookmaker.

That would constantly win and be in plus players need to consider different factors, but the opportunity to win team is not a reason to bet, probably the most advantageous outcome will be bid with the name of “European Handicap” and in any case should not be confused with the bet “Asian handicap”, the opportunity to win which will be as described on the website soon at the same site.


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