How important penalty when betting on football?

How important penalty when betting on football?

Насколько важны пенальти при ставках на футбол?Due to the fact that in football goals are not a frequent event, a penalty may often be the difference in the final result. Penalty shootouts are incredibly valuable phenomenon for the football teams, but they are also important for the calculation of rates. In order to determine how penalties can affect a football during the match, the first step is to decide how regularly occurring a penalty in games. Of course, not all tournaments are the same in football, so the number assigned to penalty kicks per season can vary depending on the League. Change accordingly and betting on football.

Players who use mixed strategy without clear schemes usually have higher conversion rate. This means that, looking at how often a penalty is assigned in football, it is also important to analyze the rate at which they converted into goals. Despite the fact that the shot from 11 meters is a good opportunity to score from the penalty spot not to miss more often than you think. In addition, it is understood that the penalty shootout is very different from a single penalty for a violation during a match. Using data collected by the company Penaltykillah, the table below shows how often a penalty is awarded in each of the five European football leagues, and the average conversion rate in each of these leagues over the past three seasons:

If the situation with the League it looks as it is specified on the table above, the situation with the teams is somewhat different. The football team will implement a penalty with a different frequency, and knowing which teams implement more penalties than any other may be helpful for football players. The table below lists the TOP 10 teams with the best performance bumps from the penalty spot in the top five European football leagues:

Despite the fact that it is difficult to predict when and where will be charged a penalty, the computation of probability, whether the player will score a goal or save by the goalkeeper gate is a simple affair. Applying “game Theory” to the situation with a penalty, the players can begin to apply the math, calculating the odds will score or miss a penalty with the player. The player kicking the ball, needs to develop a strategy that will not allow the goalkeeper to predict where the ball will fly. Beating the leg of the player will be the determining factor, what are its “strengths” (right-footed player is naturally better hit the ball across your body to the left and Vice versa). Therefore, for optimal success, the choice of penalty taker must be absolute. “Game theory” assumes that they will choose their “strengths” in 61,5% of cases.

That’s why players that use mixed strategies with a clear pattern (current examples in the Premier League: Yaya Toure, Harry Kane and mark noble), score an average of 85% penalty compared to the average for the League is 80%. This is a significant help in the implementation of betting on football. Despite the fact that “game Theory” can be used to analyze more fine detail, but it does have its limitations. This approach does not take into account the equipment’s standby when the player waits until the goalkeeper doesn’t dive before you take the shot strategy normally used Eden Hazard, Christian Benteke and Mario Balotelli.

Насколько важны пенальти при ставках на футбол?

In addition to the standard penalty kicks in soccer, penalty kicks are in a different form – penalties. The penalty in this format affect the rates in football is much less than those that are earned within 90 minutes of the match. The difference between a penalty in regulation time and the shootout in the average shows that the conversion rate falls from 75.8% to 70%. Reasons for the decline in conversion rate include inexperience of the performers from the penalty spot, the lack of randomness in the direction of the strokes (which makes it easier for the goalkeeper), and, of course, additional pressure, which is accompanied with a penalty.


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