How fear of failure affects the outcome of sports events

How fear of failure affects the outcome of sports matches

Как страх поражения влияет на итоги спортивных матчейI wrote a classic, by the way, not indifferent to football, defeat from victory it is not necessary to distinguish… And I was wrong, because all athletes hate losing. And that’s fine: psychologists compare such a situation when a person has something taken away. Understanding how such a situation would act the player, it is important for those who want to earn on rates. What now writing about the fear of failure?

One of the most detailed recent studies focused on Golf. 5 years, from 2004 to 2009, some Ass and Schweitzer studied the PGA Tour, one of the most prestigious tournaments in this “game of aristocrats”. All were studied more than 2.5 million strokes per hole. Serious sample, which showed that nearly 83 percent of successful strikes for the pair, the number of successful attempts to make Brady barely exceeded 28%. It is clear that many attempts have been made from inherently more difficult distances, but another study showed that at the same distances of 3.7% successful vapor was more than Brady. The reason, experts say, psychological — the fear of defeat. In the same situation it is better to try to make Brady. In addition, if the ball is not sunk into the hole, the player improves the position, but overly strong kick brings the opposite effect.

In football, fear of failure is particularly noticeable at the end of matches. Everyone knows a large number of examples, when the winning team starts to take a defensive position, holding the current imbalance. Although the regulations of most tournaments provide for priority over the number of goals scored or goal difference, that is, it seems to be encouraged to finish off a weaker opponent. Psychologists explain “the effect of ownership”: scoring a goal, changing the score in their favor, the players rethink their tactics, their desire for more goals is reduced, because it is less valuable in comparison between a victory and a draw. If the opposition consists of two matches, the guests initially take a defensive position, and the hosts are also not disclosed in order not to miss valuable “away” goal from the opponents. But still there are so many examples when it doesn’t! Very often, unfortunately, in the performance of our teams.

In tennis, fear of failure is observed in games with the flow. Even the stars of this game second serve, make slower, not to make a double fault with an automatic loss of points. Although it is estimated that in total 65% success first innings 3/4 points earned by the player. In the second innings is already 50/50. That is, the combination of the first fast, the second slow, the percentage of success equal to 66,3%, with both rapid and feed — 75% off! That is, the fear of defeat “eats” 8.7% of chance to win!


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