How and where to do live bet

How and where to do live bets

The secret to defeating the bookmaker prosaic — to be smarter. As a bookie ahead of ordinary players, thanks to the work of good analysts and Vice versa. To put on line, which gives Booker before the match is difficult, because worked on it a lot of people and programs, it is much easier to work in live, when the line can follow only one person and the power of firms falls sharply.

The main thing in live betting — the ability to make decisions, observing the course of the match, and not based only on statistics and past games of teams that could be a very long time. Often after the first minute of a sporting event, be it tennis or football match, see the attitude of players and their physical condition. It is important when betting on goals, because sometimes even some teams can play two different speed and entertainment of the match.

Live betting without a strategy represent a considerable danger for the inexperienced or do not have sufficient composure of betterof. A lot of thinking to get “quick money” and bet lightly. Other bettors, at the same time to cheer for one of the teams, not being sure of the correct choice.

Live vs Prematch. What’s the difference?

The task of the projections to match is to identify the expected results multiple events, then they often are driven to Express, because the most likely outcome has the smallest keff.

In bets before the match starts the person still as he passed and it adds experience in understanding of the selected sports (League). After the match you see a loss, and no what kind of Analytics are we talking can’t, or winning and euphoria overwhelms any desire to understand the situation, after all, so it’s going well.

The main distinction between live bets and 100% attention real-time = completely different level, it requires a certain intellectual and psychological components.

In live betting a profitable activity similar to stock trading.

Task by event satisfying the condition: K (coefficient) x probability >1. After such purchase, the player doesn’t know how the game will end, but you can be sure that this transaction will generate revenue on the course (after N bets).

K – the parameter calculated by the bookie, the coefficient reflects the probability of occurrence of the event plus a margin of 3-6%.

The probability is the parameter that you define. Is determined on the basis of personal experience in the analysis of the progress of the game taking into account the views of the betting (analysis line). If your assumption about likelihood matches koeffitsientom in several offices, and your Booker or brakes, or gone to smoke and the condition K x ver. >1 – do rate of 0.75, calculated according to the Kelly criterion.

So, problem # 1 live-betting – strategy events being misjudged by the betting office.

No. 2. Be careful with forks, your strategy must answer the question: “what will happen if you put the 2nd Exodus will not work.”

No. 3 Frequent error fixing a small profit opposite transaction in the same or another office. Some bookmakers allow you to close a bet before the actual end of the event. All this worsens the balance of the player. Psychologically man, I’m glad of any profits, and when losses like a penguin on toad, ready to watch as they grow. The result: accurate predictions – small profits, wrong – a big minus.

The choice of sport

Such sports activities as snooker, table and tennis, where any mistake athletes leads to a drastic change of the coefficients, it is possible to try to catch the plug, making bets on mutually exclusive events with odds greater than 2.0, while remaining positive regardless of the outcome of the match.

Interesting live strategy on tennis — Rainmaker often have to change the odds — often does not have time to change in time. Volleyball with the score 19-21 may give to an outsider KF. 6, punished repeatedly, plus often give wrong account — people being, loaded the outcome of => the one obtained with advantage.

Requires considerable experience to determine the rates, ideally the situation should be in your favor. In tennis an attractive moment in the middle of the set merges the flow, of course, given the pattern of previous games.

Time is usually a fraction of a second, so the window with the current cafam I have always open, can only press one button.

Where to bet live

If in the early 2000s, some bookmakers could offer live bets, with the development of the gambling business, almost all offer it. Years of experience (this site is running since 2007) the authors allows you to confidently answer the question of where to do live betting and recommend you the best company.


Live-line Leon not always is a tremendous set of matches, but on the website there is the announcement of events that will be accepted by live bets. The magnitude of the coefficients and reliability of this office not inferior to the best European competitors.


Betting company 1xbet – is one of the leaders in the field of live bets. Perhaps the interface is not the most convenient, but the number of events is always well, and their painting was comparable to that in the standard line. As a rule, it is possible to see 10-20 or more additional bets for each match.


The assets of bet365 live casino doesn the widest line (in the evening it to hundreds of live-events) + broadcasting, which is one of the indicators of the level of firms. The magnitude of the coefficients supplied to the matches. A significant disadvantage of the site – the lack of Russian interface. In principle, the set of words used in the lines is not so great and it is quite possible to learn, having minimal knowledge of the English language, however, live betting, where every second counts, it affects a little more.

Unibet (not accepting Russians)

Nice design site, a wide range of events, the credibility of the company, as well as video of many matches, starting in 2009, forcing many to give preference to the bookmaker Unibet.

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