Forums about betting on sports

Forums about betting on sports

Sports betting is quite complicated and multifaceted activity. Placing bets, the player is actually left alone with the bookmaker. But sometimes making the right decision, the bettor needed someone’s help or advice. You can use the forums about betting on sports. In addition to discussing the upcoming matches, betting on such forums you can find current information about bookmaker bonuses, read the reviews about the offices and just chat with interesting people.

Forum on the stakes of BetsYouWin (BYW)

One of the most popular forums on the subject of sports betting is BetsYouWin (BYW). It is the betting community has over 59 thousand users on the forum with a sense of humor called “Papanui”. Also striking is the number of topics, previewsee 35 thousand. During the work the participants of the forum left 4 million 400 thousand messages.

On the forum about the rates BetsYouWin (BYW) you can discuss sports betting and talk about life. The first section presents the sports on which the bets can discuss users. Next is a section on bookmakers, exchanges, betting and strategies of the game. After the related BK, there are various contests for the forecasters. Those forum members who want to escape from betting, you can communicate on a variety of topics, ranging from poker to politics. One of the advantages of Bjuv is easy to navigate and the presence of professional players. The forum massive that allows the beginner to gain valuable advice, or a good prediction for.

A forum about sports betting BetForum

A forum about sports betting BetForum less ambitious compared to BetsYouWin, but it is no less interesting and useful. On the main forum page tells all his good qualities, and in its first section, the participants can get acquainted with its rules and other useful “chips”.

On BetForum you can discuss betting on football, hockey, basketball and other sports, look at all the advantages and disadvantages of dozen of bookmakers, and also to talk about strategies and betting systems. Special attention given to beginners, because the first topic listed is always “Question/answer”, where the newly registered user can ask a question to my experienced friends.

Abstract topics here for a while, the main emphasis is on sports betting. Despite the fact that the forum BetForum presented a lot of useful information about betting, its popularity is on a modest level. Here are just 4 of thousands of users, the 3700 and about 110 thousand messages.

A forum about sports betting Money Punter

Another popular forum about sports betting MoneyPunter also has several beneficial advantages. Here, we differentiate between several pages of forum rules, strategies and betting systems and other topics. Among the main themes in this community about the rates allocated to program and supporting tools for rates, and General information about betting on sports.

There is an interesting section called “Methods of fraud in sports betting, where describes in detail how you can earn income by illegal means. Plus, on this forum, you can prove yourself as a tipster, offering on it your sports predictions. Of course, that for free you can see the predictions made by experienced professional players.

Forum on the stakes of MoneyPunter is quite popular. Over time, his work was sent over 64 thousand posts, created over thousands of themes. Here received nearly 9 thousand users, and the record attendance was 2329.

Forum on the stakes of Betsite

This is one of the few forums on sports betting which is made on the platform of the free website Builder Ucoz. However, this betting community has become quite popular on the Internet, alone the here was created more than a thousand, and the number of registered users has exceeded 2 thousand people.

Forum on the stakes of Betsite unusual navigation. Instead of the standard reviews of bookmakers and the bonuses, here in the first place there is a section “Administration”, which tells about the rules of the forum, as well as his staff. Next come the contests Betsite, and then start separate sections on sports. And only then comes the information on bookmakers. No best advantages against its competitors in this betting forum.

A forum about betting Fonbet

A forum about betting Fonbet created by the same bookmaker and is one of the largest in Runet. On this portal registered over 24 thousand users sent about 94 thousand messages and created nearly 60 thousand of those.

Despite the fact that the forum owns one particular BC, information on other bookmakers is presented in decent amounts. In the first place posted here forum contests, then there is a discussion of betting on sports and only offered to talk about bookmakers. There is a separate category of “Smoking room”, in which you can talk absolutely on any topic.

Forum fans of betting Forum2x2

Community of fans of bets Forum2x2 distinguished by the fact that their special attention it pays to the tote. Here you can discuss upcoming tirage Toto both Russian and Western bookmakers. Only after information about the sweepstakes, go to the sections on sports betting best strategies for betting on sports. It is important that there is a separate topic for exchange of experience, where novice players can learn the many intricacies of sports betting.

Perhaps due to the narrow specialization and the emphasis on betting, betting forum Totostavky has a wide audience, comparable to competitors. Here was a little more than three hundred people, and the number of messages only recently exceeded 2 thousand. At the same time, this community is about betting is still young and for sure it will gain popularity.

Forum about rates on sports BetBoard

Forum about rates on sports BetBoard has a very simple and easy to navigate. He has not yet gained wide recognition in the world of sports betting sections there is still very little. In the first place is information about sports betting, where you can leave your opinion about the work of the bookie, share their opinion about the match, leave sports betting. Next comes a section on specific sports, where you can discuss the specifics of betting in football, hockey, basketball. The final section is called “Other”, then you can talk about casinos, poker and about the construction Internet sites. The diversity forum is captivating, but his popularity is poor, because the record still pic niya here is 45 people, and the number of users is equal to 211.

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